Bugdom PC Cheats

Rating 2

Level select

Hold ~ while selecting the "Start" option to select any level.

Rating 1

Rolling attack

When rolling, press Kick to get pushed faster with a green blast off for attacking.

Rating 1

Leave game boundary

During level 1 when you get the first key, go through the first gate. You will see groups of ants marching. After allowing them to see you, roll up to a wall of grass on the side of the land. Let the ants hit you and, if you are lucky, you will fall through the wall and get on the other side. There will just be a path going around the border of the land. In the background you will see faces. Eventually the game will return to the menu screen.

Rating 1

White screen

During level 3, take the second Taxi Bug out to the farthest point that ends in the water. On the right is a rock. Push the Taxi Bug so that it can go through the weed, then position it so it is slanted in the weed and facing somewhat off the rock. Get off the Taxi Bug and walk on the long narrow rock. Then, follow it until you can jump into a white world. There is nothing there but whiteness. You can roll on forever.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Level skip - ~ + F1
Instant win - ~ + F2
Full health - ~ + F3
Full ball timer - ~ + F4
Full Inventory - ~ + F5
Swim in lava - ~ + F6
Draw shapes around objects - ~ + F7
Reveal all areas - ~ + F9
Show distance from level start - ~ + F11 or F12
Zoom in to your bug - ~ + 1
Zoom out from your bug - ~ + 2

Rating 0

Shooting bee

The bee is like a guardian except it will shoot for you. It kills most enemies in one hit. Press TAB and it will home in on an enemy.