Bugs Bunny And Taz: Time Busters PC Cheats

Rating 3

Eat Bugs Bunny on Aztec Era

During the Aztec Era, play as Taz and stand by Bugs Bunny. Wait some time and Taz will eat him. Note he will just take a bite, and not eat him completely.

Rating 3

Beat the catapult on Moon Valley

When on the Moon Valley level and you cannot get the catapult to work, there is another way. When close to the second light, go up the little hill, jump on the anvil, then jump to the light. Note: You can only stay on the anvil for a short amount of time or you will fall off. This might require more than one attempt.

Rating 2

Extra life

After winning the Pelota game or any of the others you will get a coin of 25. Play again for an extra life. Play it two more times to get another extra life. Note: The Pelota game is easy when Taz is on the court.

Rating 2

Play as a monster on Transylvania Era

Put Taz or Bugs Bunny on the Transfer Machine, then have a monster chase you. Run towards the circle on the Transfer Machine. You can then play as a monster. Note: You also have to make your character stand perfectly on a circle so you can swap brains.

Rating 1

Borrowing health

-As Bugs Bunny or Taz, hit the other character and they will cough up a carrot or two. You can use this trick to get extra health if you there are no carrots available.

-Keep both Taz and Bugs standing near each other, then hit Taz by kicking him and kill him. Search nearby to find a bouncing box, then kick that box and another Taz will appear with full health. Have Taz kill Bugs and you will get a new Bugs with full health. Note: Don't die between the time you kill the other character and get the new one or you will lose a life. This trick can be done anywhere where a box with a new character will appear.

Rating 1

Get more carrots from smaller enemies

Usually you only can get three carrots when you jump on a enemy's head and then kick them. To get a couple more carrots out of each small enemy, sneak up behind them and kick them a couple of times. After that, jump on their heads and kick them. This will give you a total of five or six carrots. Note: This cannot be done on monkeys.

Rating 1

Babba strategy

When Babba is chasing you, run him under one of the shadows. A large chest of gold will fall on his head and he will be unconscious. Make sure Bugs is on one of the switches and the gong will turn towards you. Pick up Babba and toss him at the gong. Do this to all four gongs and you will defeat Babba. Daffy Duck will then pick up the Time Gem and warp him to Counts Castle.

Rating 0

Yosemite Sam strategy

When he gets on the room, run him around the place for a while. He will eventually get tired and take a couple of breaths. While he is taking his breaths, kick him. His hat will get stuck on his face. This will give you time to grab the torch that he is holding. Once you get the torch, place Taz near one of the blocks. After that, have Bugs jump on Taz's head to get up on the block. Flame the rope and do the same thing on the other blocks. After this is done the platform will fall on Yosemite Sam's head and Daffy Duck will automatically take the Time Gem and it will warp him to Elmer's Domain.

Rating 0

Elmer Fudd strategy

Jump on the switches that will take down the statue that Elmer is standing on. Once this is done, go nearby and he will try hitting you with his hammer. Dodge him and his hammer will get stuck in the cement. This will give you time to kick him, and he will drop his hammer. Hit the switches around the cage that holds the Time Gem. Do this to all the switches and the cage will break. Once done, Elmer will fall of the cliff and Daffy Duck will take the Time Gem and it will warp him to Babba's Cave.