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Build-a-lot 4: Power Source PC Cheats

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Unlockable Awards

Unlock the following awards by performing the corresponding tasks:

Super Saver - Build one Triple energy Saver house.
Demolitions Expert - Demolish 100 houses.
Main Perfection - Earn a speedy ribbon on every level of the main campaign.
Undamaged - Complete a level with no damaged houses.
Brilliant Brushes - Paint 50 houses.
Variety Show - Create neighborhood with unique structure on every lot.
No Blackouts - Play through 7 levels without any blackout.
Challenge Perfection - Achieve a speedy ribbon on every level of the Challenge Campaign.
Master Builder - Construct all of the houses in one level.
City Planner - Construct all of the buildings in one level.
Superpower - Construct all of the power generators on one level.
Amazing Appeal - Create a Neighborhood with a +500 appeal.
Shopping Mall - Construct all of the shops on one level.
Wind Power - Complete a level with 7 Wind Farms.
Money Bags - Earn at least $50,000,000 in cash.
Nuclear Appeal - Create a neighborhood with 3 Reactors and a +400 appeal.
Green Thumb - Landscape 75 houses.
Tech Savvy - Employ at least 50 technicians.
Mega Mall - Construct all of the fancy shops on one level.
Expert Perfection - Achieve a speedy ribbon on every level of the expert campaign.
Baker's Dozen - Construct 13 Bakeries.
Play Day - Construct all of the recreation facilities on one level.
Film Festival - Construct 6 Cinemas on one level.
Everything - Obtain every other available award in the game.

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Easy completion of Spring Garden

Use the following steps in Casual mode for easy completing:

-Build and sell a Georgian.
-Build a Hydro Turbine on your waterfront lot.
-Get the other waterfront lot and demolish the house on it as soon as possible.
-Build a Garden Center on the waterfront lot.
-Work on the upcoming steps while you do steps 3 and 4.
-Get three empty lots horizontally and next to each other.
-Build two Apartments on the edge lots and an Amphitheater on the middle lot.
-Upgrade the two Apartments to three stars and paint them.
-Build a Workshop on an empty lot.
-When houses by the workshop are available for sale, , buy them if possible, then paint them and sell them.
-Inspect your two Big Daddies (apartments)-.
-When both Big Daddies are inspected, get Efficiency Training.
-When the Garden Center is built, landscape both Big Daddies.
-Demolish the Garden Center.
-Put a Big Daddy in the Garden Center's place and upgrade it to three stars, then paint it and inspect it.
-Sell the three Big Daddies one at a time. If a sale of another house appears, low ball it to help get full price for your Big Daddies.

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