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Bully: Scholarship Edition Cheats "Class completion bonuses" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  Wii


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Class completion bonuses

Complete the following classes to unlock the corresponding bonuses:
Art 1 Exchange gifts to receive a kiss from a girl
Art 2 50% health bonus for kissing girls
Art 3 75% health bonus for kissing girls
Art 4 100% health bonus for kissing girls
Art 5 Kiss girls without giving gifts
Chemistry 1 Firecrackers from chemistry set
Chemistry 2 Stink Bombs from chemistry set
Chemistry 3 Itching Powder from chemistry set
Chemistry 4 Items produced doubled from chemistry set
Chemistry 5 Chemistry set always available
English 1 Apology improved
English 2 Better taunts
English 3 Improve apologies to Prefects
English 4 Taunt bullies better
English 5 Can apologize to police
Gym 1 Headbutt and 3-hit knee groin combo
Gym 2 Improved accuracy for slingshot
Gym 3 Kneedrop
Gym 4 Improved accuracy for slingshot
Gym 5 Improved accuracy for slingshot
Photography 1 Black and white camera and small photo album
Photography 2 Yearbook
Photography 3 Large photo album
Photography 4 Color digital camera
Photography 5 Double the carnival prize tickets you win
Shop 1 BMX basic
Shop 2 BMX retro
Shop 3 BMX green
Shop 4 BMX blue
Shop 5 BMX red

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