Burn Zombie Burn! PC Cheats

Rating 3

Steam achievements

Brain Surgery - 100 Brains sucked.
d6 Admires You - All Gold medals.
d6 Commends You - All Bronze medals.
d6 Respects You - All Silver medals.
Dynami-Te-He - 1000 Zombies blown up.
Extinction - 100,000 Zombies killed.
Friend of Bruce - All levels unlocked.
Friend of d6 - All Developer medals.
Graduation - Complete zombie academy.
Hot To Trot - Last 30 seconds with 50+ zombies on fire.
Murder On The Dance Floor - 1000 Zombies sent dancing.
Paint The Town Red - Fill the screen with the maximum amount of blood on any level.
Red Shirt - Kill the away team Zombie.
Texas Style - 100 chainsaw combos.
Tourist - All Arcade levels unlocked.  

Rating 1

Silver medal bonuses

Unlock the following bonuses by earning the corresponding amount of silver medals:

Zombie Vision - 1 silver medal.
Art - 4 silver medals.
Sketch Vision - 12 silver medals.
Sepia Vision - All silver medals.

Rating 0

Event buttons

Use the "Event" button on the following stages to get the corresponding effect:

Woods - Rain slows down zombies; torch is extinguished and cannot set zombies on fire, but can still scare them; zombies that are already on fire remain burning.
Cemetery - Divine ray kills zombies.
Suburbia - UFO abducts zombies.
Drive-In - Plays music that makes zombies dance briefly.
Military Base - Line of TNT drops down.
Secret Lab - Three lasers rotates around the middle of the level that will kill everything.

Rating 0

Multi-player levels

Obtain a bronze or better medal in a single player level to unlock it in multi-player mode.