Bust-A-Move 4 PC Cheats

Rating 2

Madam Luna and Dreg

Defeat Madam Luna in Player vs. Computer Story mode to make Dreg appear. Defeat Dreg and both Bosses will be unlocked.

Rating 1

All characters

Press RIGHT(2), X, LEFT(2) at the title screen to unlock all characters.

Rating 0

Play as Monsta, Woolen, Maita, and Packy

Confront and defeat Monsta, Woolen, Maita, and Packy in Player vs. Computer Win Contest to unlock them.

Rating 0

Easy wins hints

-Always keep your two pulleys even, but do not get preoccupied with clearing one side.

-Watch for special bubbles, such as the Star Bubble, which clears all bubbles of the same color.

-Clear all the bubbles off an elevator before it reaches the top. After it gets to the top, it will turn into an anchor.

Rating 0

Funny dialogue

Play Player vs. Computer Story mode and get to the last Boss (Giant Mechanical Head) as Marlibo to the following funny dialogue:

Marlibo: "Wow! Your face is HUGE!!"
Giant Mechanical Head: "I did always love people who like my face, and my type too!"