Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 2006 PC Cheats

Rating 3

X-Ray vision scope

Beat the game to unlock the X-Ray vision scope.

Rating 2

Fish does not pull

Hold [Reel In] + [Reel Out] to prevent the fish from pulling the line. Note: A fish may pull the first time.

Rating 2

Refillable water

You can refill your water supply at any watering hole; just stand about waist-high in any body of water when you run out of water. select the Hydration Bladder from your inventory. If it reads something like "0 out of 4", select it. It should fill up automatically. 

Rating 1

Shallow water in "Washington County"

While in Washington County (level 1), you can walk through most bodies of water.

Rating 0

Tiring deer in "Washington County"

The deer will get tired if you follow a buck or doe with your pickup truck, .