Cake Mania 2 PC Cheats

Rating 3

Saving time

Try to do a task while on the way to completing another one. Jill can only carry one cake at a time but she can collect money, tune the television, hand out menus, bake another cake and frost cakes--all while holding a cake in her hand. For example try the following.

-When a cake is done baking, start baking the next customer's order before the first cake is taken to be frosted.
-Hand out menus to the new customers while going to pick up cakes from the oven.

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Stacking cakes

If you can't view the shapes of the cakes because of how they are stacked, look at the color on the side to determine its shape. Choose a tray with the frosting color you need. After that, build your cake on top of one tray to avoid confusion about how the cakes are stacked.

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Putting a cake down

If you have to put down a cake that was picked up in error or you only have a single frosting tray with a cake already on it, RIGHT CLICK a cake to exchange it with one in your hand.