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Cake Mania Cheats "Keeping customers happy" (PC)

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Keeping customers happy

  • The cupcake oven is very important. It keeps your customers happy while they are waiting in line. It is important to know who to keep happy for the maximum profits. The businessman tips $25 when he is completely satisfied, while the bride, Santa and the old ladies tip $10 each. The rest of the customers will only tip $5 when they are completelysatisfied. If your cupcake supply is limited, go for the businessman first to maximize his hearts. Kids get the most happiness from cupcakes; one cupcake will fill their hearts completely.

  • On difficult levels where there are too many people in line and you cannot serve them all at once, and they are all red, glowing, and mad, do the following. Once you get past the first few people, do not pick up some of the money they leave behind. Only four people can be in line at the shop(s). Leave only two places open by keeping the money there. This will prevent overcrowding, and is much easier. Once you give one of the people in line their cake, click on one pile of money to keep the routine going.

  • Purchase the television and the cupcake oven as soon as you can for the most benefit. Tune the television to the channel that appeals to the most customers waiting in line and serve cupcakes to the rest.

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