Call of Duty 2 PC Cheats

Rating 5

Veteran mode hints

-In Veteran mode, your life expectancy is cut to three or four shots until you die. However, Veteran mode does not improve the enemy's aim or strategy. Use small blocks or small bulges of hills as cover and crawl. Since you do not get points for kills, do not take the Nazis head on. Let your allies lay some fire, if there are any. If not, toss a smoke grenade and shift between crouch and crawl positions, laying cover fire and stall some time for the smoke grenade to spread before the Nazis rush in. Use this smoke cover to fall back to the nearest safe position where you can regroup or hide and pick the Nazis off from afar.

-While playing on the Veteran difficulty in campaign mode, always take cover. Whenever you reload or get hurt pretty bad, always go prone or get behind a wall. Also, use your smoke grenades wisely. You will need them to get past certain parts of the game; for example, when clearing houses or getting past turrets.

Rating 4

Mission set names

To unlock the following sets of missions, input the corresponding values into the "/seta [mission set name]" code.

Crossing The Rhine - mis_10 9
D-Day - mis_07 9
Fortress Stalingrad - mis_04 9
Hill 400 - mis_09 9
Not One Step Backwards! - mis_03 9
Rommel's Last Stand - mis_06 9
The Battle For Caen - mis_08 9
The Battle Of El Alamein - mis_02 9
The Tank Squadrons - mis_05 9
The Winter War - mis_01 9

Rating 4

Kak 98

The Kak 98 is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. There is a scoped-Kak 98 in the final level "Dragon's Teeth" located in buildings second bunker.

Rating 3

Dead or Alive enemies

To determine if an enemy is dead or alive, aim your crosshair at them. If the crosshair turns red, then the enemy is still alive.

Rating 2

Kill types

Head shots are instant kills, while body shots require two or more shots for a kill.

Rating 2

Recommended weapon on Capture Hill 400 mission

Grab the scoped Gheher43 from the first bunker that you blow down the door to. Swap it for your Garand. It is very helpful. Every bunker has one so you do not have to worry about ammo.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

To activate the following cheats, go to "Main Menu" > "Game Options", then choose the option to enable the console. Press ~ to display the console window, then enter "developer 1" as a command to enable cheat mode. Click the "Load" button that appears and select the desired level. After the level loads, press ~ to display the console window, then enter "devmap" as a command. During gameplay, press ~ to display the console window, then enter one of the corresponding codes:

God mode - god
All weapons, full ammo, health and armor - give all
Refill ammunition and grenades - give ammo
Flight mode - ufo
No clipping mode - noclip
Ignored by enemies - notarget
Teleport to a node - jumptonode
Level select - map [level name]
Mission set select - /seta [mission set name]
Spawn inputted item - give [item name]
Commit suicide - kill

Level names
To skip to the following levels, input the corresponding values into the "map [level name]" code.

88 Ridge - 88ridge
Armored Car Escape - toujane_ride
Assault On Matmata - matmata
Bergstein - bergstein
Comrade Sniper - downtown_sniper
Crusader Charge - libya
Defending The Pointe - duhoc_defend
Demolition - demolition
Downtown Assault - downtown_assault
El Alamein - elalamein
Holding The Line - decoytown
Prisoners Of War - beltot
Railroad Station No. 1 - trainyard
Rangers Lead The Way - hill400_assault
Red Army Training - moscow
Repairing The Wire - tankhunt
Retaking Toujane - toujane
Stalingrad City Hall - cityhall
The Battle For Hill 400 - hill400_defend
The Battle Of Pointe Du Hoc - duhoc
The Brigade Box - breakout
The Crossing Point - rhine
The Crossroads - crossroads
The Diversionary Raid - decoytrenches
The End Of The Beginning - eldaba
The Silo - silotown
The Tiger - newvillers

Rating 1

Infinite ammo

To get infinite ammo for a certain weapon, kill an enemy or ally with that same weapon. Pick up their gun(if you have full ammo then fire a few shots). When you try to pick up the other of the same gun you will continually receive more ammo for it, and it will remain on the ground.

Rating 1

Recommended weapons

-When given the chance, pick up a Kak 98. It is one of the most powerful guns in the game. There is a scoped-Kak 98 in the last level (Dragon's Teeth) in the 2 bunker in the building.

-The most common bolt-action rifle is among the best guns for small groups of enemies. It may be a bolt-action, but it is a one-hit kill almost all the time. Make sure to keep an automatic for the slow reload.

-Smoke grenades provide instant concealment and thus are very useful for getting close to tanks on the Russian front.

-SMGs are better at close range. The PPSH 42 is recommended.

-Rifles are useful at short to medium range, the best ones being the SVT40 and Gheher because they are semiautomatic.

-Sniper rifles are very useful for taking out machine gunners before they can get set up. The Gheher sniper rifle is recommended because it is semiautomatic.

Rating 0

Determining if enemies are still alive

Even if you shoot the enemy, he may still be alive. Make sure to aim your crosshairs at him and see if it turns red. If it does, it means that the enemy is still alive and you must shoot him down more. Do not give the enemy the chance to shoot you from behind while he recovers.

Rating 0


Although the grenade indicator is useful, you do not have to run away from it each time. If the indicator points that a grenade has landed near you, but you are taking cover behind a wall, you do not need to run away. Instead, the grenade will explode and not damage you at all.

Rating 0

Mad Commissar on Red Army Training mission

After getting your guns the Commissar will tell you to shoot the teddy bear. Do not shoot the bear. Instead, shoot the bottles and plates. He will get pretty mad. After you shoot about four or five of the bottles or plates he will pull out a pistol and kill you.

Rating 0

Easy experience hint

Play in Domination mode with both teams cooperating. Have each team get one flag. For the third flag, take turns getting it as a group. At the end of the game the whole team should at least 9,600 points each.