Call Of Duty: World At War PC Cheats

Rating 1


  • You can hear a disembodied voice by the bathroom. It comes from just outside of the bathroom, and is best heard in Spectator mode.
  • Just outside of the bathroom on Asylum, exactly where the disembodied voice is heard, you can also hear the voice of a crying girl. She will switch back and forth from crying to laughing, and just like the voice, is quite disturbing.
  • All around the stairs that are a bit away from where the piano can be heard, you can hear knocking on the wood that is covering up all the windows. If you fly around constantly as a spectator, you will hear this wooden knocking sound everywhere. It distinctly sounds like someone deliberately knocking on wood. It can also be heard on the boarded up windows on the other side of the map.
  • Above the bathroom in an invisible room where a piano can be clearlyheard being played on a record player. The piano can only be heard if you music setting in the options menu is on.
  • On the right of the map, head up the stairs to find a long hallway. Turn right and go to the end. From here you can snipe people down below through the opening, or you can crouch behind the boxes and snipe people trying to get in.
  • In the center of the map, on the second floor, (above the bathroom), there is a balcony. You can guard the doorway, snipe people in the courtyard, or snipe someone in the room mentioned above.