Call Of Duty: World At War PC Cheats

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Death Cards

Death cards can be found in the following locations. Collect a death card to unlock its effect in Co-op mode:

  • 1. Undead Soldier
Effect: Enemies come back from the dead. Location: Close to the beginning of the "Eviction" mission. Its well hidden inside a drop-down location against the wall.
  • 2. Suicide King
Effect: Fire explosive pistol rounds while downed. Locatation: Near the middle of the "Hard Landing" mission. Its in a building on the lower level.
  • 3. Vampire
Effect: You can only regenerate your health by getting kills. Locatation: Near the middle of the "Burn em out" mission. Its near the back area of a bunker just before the second mortar position. Its a bit difficult to see as its hiding in the shadows.
  • 4. Body Armor
Effect: Enemies die by headshot only. Locatation: near the middle of the "Ring of Steel" mission. The card is located next to a dead soldier in the exterior section of the asylum. Right next to a wall connected to the asylum.
  • 5. Painkiller
Effect: Shoot co-op teammates to revive them. Locatation: Close to the beginning-middle of the "Blowtorch & Corkscrew" mission. Its on the left well as you advance to the second bunker. Look for a soldier hanging upside down along the wall.
  • 6. Flak Jacket:
Effect: Enemies take less explosive damage. Location: Near the end of the "Relentless" mission. It doesnt matter which passage you take, as the death card is located after that. Its midway down the hall in a corridor that connects the paths.
  • 7. Thunder
Effect: Headshots cause enemies to explode. Location: in the beginning in "Semper Fi". Its in a shack right at the start.
  • 8. Sticks & Stones
Effect: Your weapon arsenal consists of a knife and a bunch of rockets. Location: Near the end of the "Their Land , Their Blood" mission. Its hidden inside the barn. Search the stalls next to a dead soldier and a couple of dead cows.
  • 9. Paintball
Effect: Gunfire turns a little more colorful. Location: In the beginning of the "Heart of the Reich" mission. Its located in a closed off subway entrance opposite of your start location.
  • 10. Cold Dead Hands
Effect: Enemies take their weapons with them to the grave. Location: In the beginning of the "Vendetta mission". Its located behind the bar, inside the first building Reznov takes you through.
  • 11. Hard Headed
Effect: Enemies take less bullet damage. Location: Near the end of the mission in "Little Resistance". Its just outside the final building to the right of the entrance.
  • 12. Berserker
Effect: Get 3 kills in 5 seconds to unleash Berserker. Location: near the middle of the "Breaking Point" mission. After clearing all 4 mortar pits, look in the small shack located in the south of the area.
  • 13. Victory
Effects: Limited HUD , Friendly Fire = On , Bleed Out time is cut in half. Location: Near the beginning of the "Downfall" mission. Between the staircase and the theater, your soldiers break through a door on your right. Inside, find the last Death Card.