Call Of Duty PC Cheats

Rating 4

Linejumper on Boot Camp

Activate cheats to reach the linejumper. You can exit the same window (but you will just fall to the ground). Using grenades to kill a jumper will stop all the other jumpers.

Rating 3

Cannot Cheat from this server fix

This trick will exploit a fatal error when applying the "+set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1" command line parameter, if you get the "You cannot cheat on the server" message. After starting the game with that command line parameter, start a new game. Set the level and start it. Then, save the game and exit the game. Restart the game and select "Resume". Do not manually select a game to load. Just "Resume" your current game.

Rating 3

Saving Johnson on Dawnville

You can save Johnson by running out with him. Just Faust the Panzer coming up either through the church window; or if you are very brave, by running out fast and reaching it before it gets to the barrier.

Rating 2

Killing flak gun crew on Burnville

Running past the first two flak guns causes one of your men to fix the charges, no matter how many enemies there are. The explosion will kill all Nazis associated with that gun.

Rating 1

Fly through building on Berlin

On the Berlin level, enable the ufo code. Fly to the other side of the level, to the big building with all the Nazis in it. Fly towards the back-right corner of the building. You will enter a blue glitched area and see the letters "FX" floating in mid-air.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

To activate the following cheats, start the game with the "+set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0" command line parameter. During gameplay, press ~ to display the console window. Enter the corresponding codes at the console window. To disable a cheat, enter it a second time. Note: If a message appears that states "sv_cheats are read only", then type "setrandom sv_cheats 1" in the console before activating the codes. If a message appears that states "cheats are not enabled on this server" then type "spdevmap [map name]" in the console before activating the codes:

Invincibility - god
Full health - give health
Get all items - give all
Get ammo - give ammo
Ignored by enemy - notarget
No clipping mode - noclip
Fly mode - ufo
Toggle debug mode - debug [0-1]
Toggle developer mode - developer [0-1]
Teleport to a specific map - node    jumptonode
Play inputted map - map [map name]
Spawn inputted item - give [item name]
List all cvars - cvarlist
Dump all cvars to console - cvardump
Reset all cvars - cvar_restart
List all console - commands    cmdlist
List all shaders of current map - shaderlist
List all images of current - map    imagelist
List all sounds currently - used    snd_list
List all entities currently - used    entitylist
List all currently bound keys - bindlist
View graphics information - gfxinfo
Commit suicide - kill
Save game - savegame
Load saved game - loadgame
Reset variable to default value - reset [variable name]
Play a cinematic file - cinematic
Set crosshair transparency; default is 1.0 - cg_crosshairAlpha [number]
Set gravity value; default is 800 - g_gravity [number]
Set HUD transparency; default is 1.0 - cg_hudAlpha [number]
Set seconds that dead bodies remain on-screen - ai_corpsecount [number]
Set shellshock duration - cg_shellshock [number]
Set skill level - g_gameSkill [number]
Set weapon knockback power; default is 1000 - g_knockback [number]
Set game speed; 0.5 is half speed, 1 is default - timescale [number]
Show miss distance when hitting NPCs - cg_showMiss [0-1]
Spawn inputted model - testmodel [model name]
Free movement while paused - cl_paused 2
Return to normal paused screen - cl_paused 0
Toggle AI - g_ai [0 or 1]
Toggle bullet debug mode - g_debugBullets [0 or 1]
Toggle bullet marks - cg_marks [0 or 1]
Toggle console debugging - con_debug [0 or 1]
Toggle crosshair - cg_drawCrosshair [0 or 1]
Toggle ejecting shells - cg_brass [0 or 1]
Toggle entity bounding boxes - g_drawEntBBoxes v
Toggle fog - r_fog [0 or 1]
Toggle framerate display    - cg_drawFPS [0 or 1]
Toggle FX - fx_draw [0 or 1]
Toggle FX debugging - fx_debug [0 or 1]
Toggle FX freezing - fx_freeze [0 or 1]
Toggle fx. If set to 0, fx will be disabled - fx_enable [0 or 1]
Toggle game timer - cg_drawTimer [0 or 1]
Toggle hit debug mode - g_debugShowHit [0 or 1]
Toggle HUD - cg_drawStatus [0 or 1]
Toggle HUD and crosshair - cg_draw2D [0 or 1]
Toggle letterbox format - cg_letterbox [0 or 1]
Toggle NPC health display - g_debugDamage [0 or 1]
Toggle objects and backgrounds - r_drawWorld [0 or 1]
Toggle objects and NPCs - r_drawEntities [0 or 1]
Toggle player and AI movement debug mode - g_debugMove [0 or 1]
Toggle player and AI movement debugging - cl_debugMove [0 or 1]
Toggle rendring - cg_noRender [0 or 1]
Toggle shadows - cg_shadows [0 or 1]
Toggle spawning - g_spawnai [0 or 1]
Toggle subtitles - cg_subtitles [0 or 1]
Toggle third person view - cg_thirdPerson [0 or 1]
Toggle vehicle debug mode - g_vehicleDebug [0 or 1]
Toggle wireframe mode - r_showtris [0 or 1]

Rating 1

MP 40 on Berlin

To get an MP 40 in the lastmission, do not take the first one that you see. Wait until you find the second MP 40 and take it. You will get about 500 rounds of ammunition, which should be enough to complete the mission.

Rating 1

Two Moodys and Foleys on Chateau

Run through the engagement where two Nazi trucks come up and get yourself into the chateau fasty. Moody and Foley will not unspawn. They will guard the chateau entrance with their SMGs. Later, you will have two Moodys and two Foleys.

Rating 1

MG42 window on Pathfinder

You can throw a grenade to the side window by the MG42. This useful under the veteran difficulty setting.

Rating 1

Mystery weapon exchange on Pathfinder

The very first Nazi has his Kar98 leaning against a tree. Usually he picks up the rifle and shoots at you. However, you can also kill him before he picks up the rifle and it will still lean against the tree. If, however, you charge past him and swap your weapon for the Kar98 against the tree before he reaches for it, he will grab the weapon you left behind, but bring a Kar98 to bear on you. Your original weapon will still be leaning against the tree. Kill the Nazi and the gun he has in his hand disappears.

Rating 1

Ammunition names

Use one of the following entries with the "give" code to spawn ammunition for the corresponding weapon. Note: Spawning ammunition for weapons not normally found in the current weapon will exit the game.

bar (Browning automatic rifle)
bren (Bren light machine gun)
colt (Colt .45)
enfield (Lee-Enfield rifle)
fg42 (FG42)
fraggrenade (M2 frag grenade)
kar98k (Kar98k)
kar98k_sniper (Scoped Kar98k)
luger (Luger)
m1carbine (M1A1 Carbine)
m1garand (M1 Garand)
mk1britishfrag (MK1 frag grenade)
mosin_nagant (Mosin-Nagant)
mosin_nagant_sniper (Scoped Mosin-Nagant)
mp40 (MP40)
mp44 (MP44)
ppsh (PPsh)
rgd-33russianfrag (RGD-33 frag grenade)
springfield (Springfield rifle)
sten (Sten)
stielhandgranate (German grenade)
thompson (Thompson machine gun)

Rating 0

Map names

Input any of the following values into the "map [map name]" code:


Rating 0

Avoid explosion damage on Pathfinder

When placing the charge on the cinder block wall, crouch behind the wall. When it explodes you will not die or lose any health.

Rating 0

Phantom 42 on Boot Camp

Activate cheats, and force Sgt. Avery off the 42 with grenades. Then, crawl through the obstacle course. The 42 will rise up and aim above all the trainees' heads as if someone was controlling it, but no shots will be fired.

Rating 0

Shooting Moody's attackers from the church on Dawnville

You can shoot the men attacking Moody's position from the church window. However, you first have to trigger the event by getting to Moody first, then looping back.

Rating 0

Hidden comment on Burnville

In Burnville (the second map), when you must go into the church to knock out the two machine gunners and the antiaircraft fire, do not go to the church. Instead, stay behind the big tomb with a cross on it and toss grenades over the wall to where the two machine gunners and antiaircraft guns would be (the corner of where the walls meet above it). Keep throwing them until someone says "Way to chuck, Private".

Rating 0

Easy kills on Brecourt

Throwing a grenade into the final courtyard will blow up all the Nazis just as they spawn

Rating 0

Way to chuck Private comment on Burnville

The extra comment about "Way to chuck Private" is just as easily obtained inside the church. Toss the grenades from the church window and the same message will display.

Rating 0

Tank on Carride

The tank will start shelling and machine gunning you if you stand there too long.

Rating 0

Retreating back to the church on Dawnville

Get a Faust before going to Moody's position. Taking out the tank just when it appears will make your men run headlong back to the church. The gate will not come down, and the house and fence will not explode. This usually results in them getting slaughtered by the two or three Nazis standing guard.

Rating 0

Fall off hole on Pathfinder

Activate cheats and get a Faust. Use the noclip code go go out to the road by the houses and destroy some of the incoming trucks. There is also a fall off hole (there is another one like it in the factory), where you are dragged towards it and die.

Rating 0

Early truck on Chateau

If you stay close to the wall near the three garage area, you can loop behind the truck. You will see it just sitting there with no one on it. Unfortunately, you cannot blow it up.

Rating 0

Deadly crossfire on POW Camp

On the way back, right before you get to the truck, there are three ways to get back to Foley; the alley closest to you, the alley furthermost from you, and the alley in between. You can play around with the alleys and their triggers by running back to the common areas and going down anotheralley. By doing this, your men will get caught in a three way crossfire.

Rating 0

Extra machine gunner on Burnville

Lean from the wall to take out the two MG42S guarding the first flak gun. Doing so causes e a new machine gunner to spawn, but will cause your men to charge forward anyway, leading to a huge pile up of bodies and extra BAR ammo. Your men will eventually take out the extra gunner.

Rating 0

Running out of men on Burnville

In the field when the level begins, charge forward past the three MG42s in the windows and sandbag. This is best done under the easiest difficulty setting. Stand there without shooting anyone and your men will waste themselves on the 42s. If this is done long enough and with "insane body count", they will stop spawning all together. You can do the same thing almost everywhere else there is a 42 and spawning men.

Rating 0

Get back to church comment on Dawnville

Tun to Moody's position before the appointed time and he will tell you to get back to the church