Can You See What I See? Curfuffle's Collectibles PC Cheats

Rating 4


When you get stuck with a riddle, you can find the answer under "Riddles". Solve the riddle then read Mr. Carfuffle's journal entry about the rare item to continue to a new mini game. You can get hints for riddles if you locate Seymour and click on him after he prompts you. He will highlight the part of the screen where the item is hiding.

Rating 3

Searching for objects

Several items are actually part of something else. For example, a fork may actually be an arm, a tiny hammer might be held by another object, etc.

Rating 1


Seymour is your friendly toy robot helper. Locate him in the various levels to get extra hints. He doesn't move.

Rating 0

Jumble Jar mini-games

This mini-game will earn you extra hints. You cannot access it until completing the first "order". The Jumble Jar mini-game can then be located at the bottom right next to the journal on the bins/order screen. Drag the objects from the jar into the matching boxes. You can only play this mini-games ten times.

Rating 0

Match Game mini-game

Match the picture cards or colors to be successful.