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Captain Claw Cheats "Reaching difficult places" (PC)


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Reaching difficult places

-Jump and throw dynamite to reach difficult locations.

-Use the Catnip power-up to get the items that are usually out of reach. However, you must be fast because the Catnip will not last very long.

Normal enemy strategies:
Defeat the following enemies at the indicated levels by using the corresponding strategies:

Robber thieves and cutthroats (levels 3 and 4) - Dodge their arrows and knives and attack them with a high slash.
White and brown guard dogs (levels 5 and 6) - They are very defensive. Your sword will rarely do damage against them. Use your pistol on them.
Bear sailors (levels 7, 8, and 13) - They will try to grab and crush you. If you get grabbed, quickly do as many movements as possible to escape.
Red Tail pirates (levels 7, 8, and 13) - They are most vulnerable to a punch attack immediately after they swing at you.
Crabs (level 7) - Use a Magic Claw.
Peg leg pirates (levels 9 and 10) - They will be stunned if you hit them in their peg leg. They also hate to be punched.
Crazy hook pirates (levels 9 and 10) - After they swing their hooks at you, run in close to hit them.
Mercats (levels 11 and 12) - They will shoot tridents when you are seen. Stay out of sight and come in for a sneak attack.
Sirens (levels 11 and 12) - They will freeze you if they hit you with their attack. Clear the area of any Mercats before you get near the Sirens.
Royal Tiger Guards (level 14) - They hate to be picked up and thrown.

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