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Captain Claw Cheats "Red Tail strategies" (PC)


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Red Tail strategies

-Begin by hopping up onto the platform above you to avoid being torn to shreds if you remain on the ground. Stay up high to avoid most of Red Tail's attacks. Once you are up above, try and stay directly over Red Tail as he runs back and forth. When he jumps up to your platform, kneel down and attack when he lands from his jump. He will then jump back down to the ground. Stay up there and repeat this until Red Tail has been defeated.

-First, get onto the platform where Red Tail stands. He will likely come down to get you at first. This is when you have to gain advantage and get to the right-hand side of the platform. Stay near the edge, but not far enough to fall down. If you fall from the platform you will probably have to start again. Once at the right edge of the platform, Red Tail will probably throw knives at you. Jump in between them to dodge the attack. When Red Tail jumps up to the platform, quickly jump and slash him with your sword while he is in the air. After that, quickly slash him again (but do not crouch) then quickly perform your third attack. He will dodge it and go down again. Run away from him so that he does not bash you on his way down. Repeat the same procedure until he has been defeated. Note: The technique is effective because when you slash him in the air, he becomes temporarily stunned, giving you a chance to attack him again. Also, if you do not crouch, you can move freely and dodge his attacks.

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