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Captain Claw Cheats "Wolvington strategies" (PC)


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Wolvington strategies

-Focus on his movements and onceyou reach him, do not move. Let him come near you. When he gets inside your reach, press Z to pick him up and start moving towards the wall on the right. Stop a few steps before you reach the wall and throw him. Immediately sit down. When Wolvington gets up, start slashing him with the sword. Since he is so near to you, he will not be able to use his magic or fists.

-Jump towards Wolvington and hit him with a high slash attack. After that, quickly attack Wolvington with a low slash to force him back. Once done, quickly jump towards him and repeat. Wolvington will shoot magic attacks at you. Be prepared to dodge them. If you stay fairly close to him, he will not shoot but will instead try close range attacks.

-Carry Wolvington up, then get near to the end and throw him. Get closer to him. Get down and hit him on the leg. He cannot use magic because you are near him, and he cannot hit you because you are down.

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