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Carnivores: Ice Age Cheats "Cheat mode (alternate)" (PC)

Game also available for:   PSP


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Cheat mode (alternate)

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "_res" file in the "huntdat" folder in the game folder. This file describes each weapon, character and price in the game. Edit the values as needed. For example, changing the "power" value to "20" will kill anything with one shot. Change the "rate" value to a higher number will increase the rate of fire. Increase the "shots" value to raise the capacity of the weapon. The aggressiveness, health and other character attributes can also be changed. Weapon and item prices can be lowered to a value of 10 and the start value raised to 500 to allow anything to be bought when the game begins. Note: Purchasing multiple weapons in the selection screen may not result in all those weapons being available during game play.

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