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Carnivores Cheats "Recommended weapons" (PC)


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Recommended weapons

For the following weapons, use the corresponding weapons:

Tyrannosaurus Rex - In most cases, the Sniper. However the X-bow can be used to kill one right on the edge of the viewing area.
Velociraptor - Usually Shotgun, sometimes X-bow.
Allosaurus - Usually X-bow, sometimes Shotgun.
Triceratops - Usually X-bow, sometimes Sniper.
Stegasaurus - Either X-bow or Shotgun.
Pachycepholasaurus - X-bow or Sniper.
Parasouralaphus - Any weapon.
Gallimimus - X-bow.
Dimorphidon - X-bow, or Sniper if skilled.
Maschops - Any.
Brachiosaurus (hidden) - X-bow only. It repels anything else. Target the rear.
Seismosaurus (hidden) - X-bow only. It repels anything else. Target the eye, it is is about 1/7th the size of the T-Rex's. After releasing it, run quickly to the nearest anti-Carnivore mountain.

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