Cars PC Cheats

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Avoid becoming lost

To avoid getting lost when in the desert just follow a car without bumping into them and they will guide you back to Radiator Springs.

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Jumping Spree

In Aracade mode, jump right before you cross the finish line and you will continue to jump until your character stops talking. 

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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:
All tracks and mini-games - "IF900HP"
All races - "MATTL66"
All cars - "YAYCARS"
All paint jobs - "R4MONE"
All movies - "WATCHIT"
All concept art - "CONC3PT"
Super fast start - "IMSPEED"
Infinite boost - "VROOOOM" as a code.
Maters Speedy Circuit and Maters Countdown cleanup - "TRGTEXC"