Casino PC Cheats

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Easy money

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Using a text editor, edit the "windowscasisave.txt" file. The files content should be similar to "100,300,no,no,no,no". Change the numbers to "9999999,9999999,no,no,no,no". Save the file and start the game. When you load the saved game you will have $99999.99 on your ACM card and in your coin bucket. The "no,no,no,no" part of the saved game file indicates if you want any of the following: pawned shoes, watch, car, and house. If you change the "no" to "yes", one of those items will be pawned, but probably will not make much of a difference when you have $99,999.99 in cash. The commas must be included or it will not work. When you exit the game, never save it. Each time you go into it and open your saved game you will start with $99,999.99 on your ACM card and in your coin bucket. To play the game normally, your can deposit the $99,999.99 to your ACM card. Although it will still be $99,999.99 on the card, your coin bucket will be totally empty. You must withdraw money from the card to continue to play.