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Centipede 3D Cheats "Cheat mode (command line)" (PC)


game on

Cheat mode (command line)

Start the game with one of the following command line parameters to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Many of these codes will crash the retail version of the game.

Play with 2 player split screen mouse/keyboard - -2
Use Wingman Extreme for input - -w
Use GCI flight controller on COM2: for input - -g
Use GCI flight controller on COM1: for input - -g1
Load the indicated .lvl file and records record.dat demo - -L <.lvl file>
Use VESA 640x480 for output device - -V
Null (benchmarking) GFX device - -B
Use DirectX5 for output device - -X
Record game to record.dat file - -r
Play the demo once - -p
Enable space combat - -S
Enable space Boss encounter - -O
View keyboard bindings - -?
Use fast logs - -f
Run game indicated number of times faster. - -s
Gather and dump frame rate statistics - -T
Only one sim per render - -1
Do the checksums - -c
Set the default character - -C
No logs - -N
Set screen resolution (320x200, 320x240, etc.) - -M
Set pixel format to INDEXED8 or RGB565 - -P
Abort after 100 frames - -A
Force high color - -H

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