Centipede 3D PC Cheats

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Cheat mode (command line)

Start the game with one of the following command line parameters to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Many of these codes will crash the retail version of the game.

Play with 2 player split screen mouse/keyboard - -2
Use Wingman Extreme for input - -w
Use GCI flight controller on COM2: for input - -g
Use GCI flight controller on COM1: for input - -g1
Load the indicated .lvl file and records record.dat demo - -L <.lvl file>
Use VESA 640x480 for output device - -V
Null (benchmarking) GFX device - -B
Use DirectX5 for output device - -X
Record game to record.dat file - -r
Play the demo once - -p
Enable space combat - -S
Enable space Boss encounter - -O
View keyboard bindings - -?
Use fast logs - -f
Run game indicated number of times faster. - -s
Gather and dump frame rate statistics - -T
Only one sim per render - -1
Do the checksums - -c
Set the default character - -C
No logs - -N
Set screen resolution (320x200, 320x240, etc.) - -M
Set pixel format to INDEXED8 or RGB565 - -P
Abort after 100 frames - -A
Force high color - -H