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Steam achievements

A Bit Green - Receive 10,000,000 Toxic damage.
A Gathering Shadow - As rumors of Dr. destroyer's return spread panic throughout Millennium City, his Cestroids have begun attacking...
A Taste for the Toxic - Sample the toxic bursts of each of the terraforming spires in fallen sun forest.
A Tree Grows in Westside - You've disturbed birds in Westside.
Absolute Zero - Deal 50,000,000 Cold damage.
Accident Prone - Receive 1,000,000 damage in PvP.
Acoustic - Deal 10,000,000 Sonic damage.
Adamant - You've taken 500,000,000 damage and are an adamant example of heroism.
Adaware - Examine the floating billboards in Millennium City.
Admired - Reach level 10.
Adored - Reach level 20.
Aegir Cave Diver - Discover all the caves in undying reef.
Aegir Master Diver - Complete all of the Aegir Diver Perks as well as all Lemuria exploration perks.
Aegir Rescue Diver - Defend the Aegir from Lemurian attack.
Aegir Wreck Diver - Discover all the shipwrecks in undying reef.
African Art Collector - Find all the pieces of African art, scattered about city center in Millennium City.
Air Wolf - Stand on the inactive Area 51 Helicopter a Werewolf.
Alien Invader Loremaster - Become an expert on the Qularr and Gadroon.
Aliens of Earth - The Qularr and Gadroon, two different hostile alien civilizations, have returned to earth at the same time. Why they returned, and any connection?
All About VIPER - Obtain a Viper handbook.
Alternative Energies - Put a stop to viper's dangerous experiments with the magical Ignatieum crystals of Andrithal on Monster Island.
Angel - Heal 500,000,000 damage in PvP.
Angler - Defeat 1000 sea creatures.
Annihilator - Deal 100,000,000 damage.
Another One for the Fire - Defeat 50 heroes as a zombie in the Zombie Apocalypse.
Apocalypse Bronze Belt - Win 15 Apocalypse - Stronghold matches.
Apocalypse Championship - Win 250 Apocalypse - Stronghold matches.
Apocalypse Silver Belt - Win 50 Apocalypse - Stronghold matches.
Apocalypse Survivor - Win 3 Apocalypse - Stronghold matches.
Apocalypse - Stronghold - Bronze Belt - Accumulate 50 victories in Apocalypse - Stronghold Prison.
Apocalypse - Stronghold - Gold Belt - Accumulate 1000 victories in Apocalypse - Stronghold Prison.
Apocalypse - Stronghold - Silver Belt - Accumulate 250 victories in Apocalypse - Stronghold Prison.
Appreciated - Reach level 5.
Area 51 of Uncertainty - Help reporter Jerry Jelic discover the truth at Area 51.
Arena Victor - Win 3 ultimate tournament of champions matches.
Armor Piercing - Deal 1,000,000 Piercing damage.
As Seen on T.V. - Play in 1000 Hero Games matches.
Atom Smasher - Deal 10,000,000 Particle damage.
Atomic Science - Project - Greenskin's studies of the uranium flats area were severely hampered by the irradiate attack. The scientists will need your help.
Atomized - Receive 50,000,000 Particle damage.
Avalanche - Deal 10,000,000 Crushing damage.
B.A.S.H. Bronze Belt - Win 5 Battle Arena Super Heroes matches.
B.A.S.H. Championship - Win 75 Battle Arena Super Heroes matches.
B.A.S.H. Silver Belt - Win 20 Battle Arena Super Heroes matches.
Baboochka - Defeat 100 Black Ace gang members.
Bad Vibrations - Receive 1,000,000 Sonic damage.
Bait & Switch - Kill the annelid horror in the clearing south of Hyena-Swine's cave.
Banisher - Defeat 100 demon nemesis minions.
Banzai Pipeline - Take the pipeline from the shore to Moreau's Lab.
BASE Jumper - Base jump in the rennaissance center.
Battle Arena Super Heroes - Bronze Belt - Accumulate 10 B.A.S.H. victories.
Battle Arena Super Heroes - Gold Belt - Accumulate 100 B.A.S.H. victories.
Battle Arena Super Heroes - Silver Belt - Accumulate 25 B.A.S.H. victories.
Battle Hardened - Receive 1,000,000 Crushing damage.
Battle Toads - Defeat 1000 Gadroons.
Baywatch - Visit all the guard towers on the beach occupied by argent.
Be Prepared - Win the apocalypse stronghold on both the hero and villain sides..
Beachcomber - Complete 65 missions in Monster Island.
Beastmaster - Defeat 1000 beastmen nemesis minions.
Big Game Hunter - Defeat 100 beastmen nemesis minions.
Billy Goat Bluff - Defeat the troll under the bridge in macdonald park.
Bite Me - Complete the bite events listed, during bloodmoon.
Black Belt - Defeat 1000 cult of the red banner.
Black Box Down - Recover the black box from the Oceanica 408 wreckage..
Blaze - Defeat 1000 fire demons.
Blazing - Deal 10,000,000 Fire damage.
Bleak Minion Assault - Defeat 100 bleak minions.
Bleak Minion Triumph - Defeat 5000 Bleak Minions.
Bleak Minion Victory - Defeat 1000 bleak minions.
Blind Psi-ded - Investigate the strange goings-on around the self-help company mind inc..
Blood For DEMON - Demon is up to something evil in the downtown district of Millennium City.
Blue Collar - Defeat 1000 Argent.
Bondsman - Defeat 100 Prisoners.
Bottom Feeder - Defeat 100 sea creatures.
Bounty Hunter - Defeat 1000 Prisoners.
Brainfreeze - Defeat 1000 PSI.
Brass Ring - Take a ride on the snake gulch carousel.
Breakout of the Big House - Cheif surhoff could use help dealing with a prison break in westside in Millennium City..
Brick House - Deal 1,000,000 Crushing damage.
Bright Blade - Deal 10,000,000 Slashing damage.
Bruised Ego - Receive 10,000,000 Ego damage.
Buccaneer - Defeat 5000 Pirate Ghosts.
Buckaroo - Defeat 1000 cowboy robots.
Bugzapper - Defeat 5000 Qularr.
Building a Better Serpent - The evil organization known as VIPER has dedicated vast resources into creating a new breed of super-soldiers...
Buried at Sea - Examine a mysterious chest.
Burning Bright - Defeat the undead hero, tiger.
Cabellero - Defeat 5000 Burnside Ghosts.
Canada History - Argent Snow Thrush Sanctuary - Friends of mother earth unite! Stop the exploitation and despoliation of these lands by the corporate oppressors...
Canada History - Burial Butte - Travelers beware! these lands were once recognized as a place of power, blessed by the northern gods. for several centuries...
Canada History - Chiyetanka Bluff - Over the years, there have been numerous bigfoot sightings in the remote hills of chiyetanka bluff, but little in the way...
Canada History - Fallen Sun Forest - The site of numerous ufo sightings, fallen sun forest is the subject of numerous books by conspiracy theorists convinced...
Canada History - Force Station Steelhead - Headquarters of the power-armored peacekeepers known as the rcmp steelhead division, a canadian government...
Canada History - Great Bear Lake - Buried on the shores of great bear lake are the remains of...
Canada History - Hoarfrost Hills - If you are reading this, turn back! These lands are corrupted, and an evil is buried here that must not be unearthed! A century ago...
Canada History - Lynx Fold - An area of vast mystical power, containing a nexus point between the four great spirits of the land. The powerful demon of the lost...
Canada History - Massasauga Hills - Named after one of the few venomous snakes indigenous to canada, massasauga hills is home to viper's project awakening...
Canada History - Renegade Run Paintball Camp - Ostensibly a booked-all-season paintball camp for extreme sportsmen, this camp is actually a cover for the canadian terrorist...
Canada History - Rime Woods - This area houses several labs known as "the clutch," where viper scientists perform experiments as part of their project...super-soldiers..
Canada History - Stroessen's Peak - Bow and pay tribute, unworthy one, to the genetic perfection that is teleios. this statue has been erected by the perfect one...
Canada - Cartographer - Explore all of the map and find all of the respawn points in Canada.
Canada - Explorer - Explore all Canadian neighborhoods.
Canada - Force Station Steelhead - Canada story arc info....
Canada - Spawn Camper - Find all Respawns in Canada.
Canuck - Complete 130 missions in Canada.
Captain Ahab - Defeat 5000 Sea Creatures.
Ceiling Cat - Watch the fight from above in the hero games cage match.
CEO - Defeat 5000 Argent.
Changer of Worlds - Deal 50,000,000 Dimensional damage.
Charred - Deal 50,000,000 Fire damage.
Cherenkov's Radiation - The wreck of the Cherenkov, a long-lost nuclear submarine lost during the cold war, has become unstable...
Chilly - Deal 1,000,000 Cold damage.
Citizen Grond - Search the dud bomb in the northeast atomic wasteland..
City Slicker - Complete 75 missions in Millennium City.
Cold-blooded - Defeat 100 lizardmen nemesis minions.
Collateral Damage - Destroy 5000 Objects.
Colonel - Defeat 100 soldier nemesis minions.
Combatant - Defeat 250 Players in PvP.
Coming to Get You - Defeat 1000 heroes as a zombie in the Zombie Apocalypse.
Communication Breakdown - Disable the primary, secondary, and backup communications arrays near project awakening..
Contender - Defeat 25 Players in PvP.
Convict - Defeat 25 NPCs in Apocalypse - Stronghold.
Conviction - Defeat 10 convicts nemesis minions.
Copycat - Defeat 100 Teleioclones.
Corporate Malfeasance - The multinational corporation argent is suspected of numerous abuses of practices and shady dealings. uncover the truth, and bring to justice..
Corporate Predators - Follow the clues to uncover a deadly threat to everyone and everything in the argent corporate wildlife preserve on Monster Island.
Corsair - Defeat 1000 Pirate Nemesis Minions.
Cowpuncher - Defeat 5000 Cowboy Robots.
Crisis Beneath the Sea - Rescue the Aegir.
Crisis in Lemuria - You've stopped the crisis in Lemuria!.
Crisis on Monster Island - You've stopped the crisis on Monster Island!.
Crispy - Receive 50,000,000 Fire damage.
Crowns of Krim Loremaster - Become an expert on The Crowns of Krim.
Cryptwalker - Defeat 10 undead nemesis minions.
Dai-Gensui - Defeat 1000 Ninja Nemesis Minions.
Damage Incorporated - Destroy 500 Objects.
Damaged Ego - Receive 1,000,000 Ego damage.
Danger Magnet - Receive 50,000,000 damage in PvP.
Dangerous - Deal 50,000,000 damage in PvP.
Dark Helmet - Venture inside the dr. destroyer memorial helmet.
Dead Reckoner - Defeat 1000 zombies during the bloodmoon event.
Dead Ringer - Defeat 5000 Teleioclones.
Deadly - Deal 1,000,000,000 damage in PvP.
Dean of Wormers - Defeat 5000 Elder Worms.
Death by a Thousand Cuts - Deal 50,000,000 Slashing damage.
Decimated Ego - Receive 50,000,000 Ego damage.
Decoy - Receive 10,000,000 damage in PvP.
Deep Impact - Catch a flaming meteor.
Deep In Psi-ed - Brianna biselle has gone missing in the city center district of Millennium City. what sinister force could be behind the girl's dissappearance?
Deep Pockets - Have 100,000 resource points.
Deep Purple - Defeat 5000 New Purple Gang Members.
Demolition Man - Destroy 25000 Objects.
Demon Assault - Defeat 100 Demons.
Demon Triumph - Defeat 5000 Demons.
Demon Victory - Defeat 1000 Demons.
Deputy - Defeat 100 cowboy nemesis minions.
Desert Bounty Hunter - You have brought the infamous inmates Buzzard, Rot, Darkmoon, Windfist and Neanderthal back to justice!.
Desert History - Area 51 - This document is classified and intended for VIPER agents with only Venom-level security clearance or higher. Information within...
Desert History - Atomic Wasteland - The site of extensive nuclear testing by the government in the 1950s, this area is unfit for any sort of habitation...
Desert History - Burning Sands - Low level radiation permeates this area, though burning sands is not nearly as deadly as the atomic wasteland to the north...
Desert History - Burnside - A thriving frontier boom town during the gold rush of the mid-nineteenth century, Burnside dried up a few months after...
Desert History - Devil's Head Mesa - History of snake gulch...
Desert History - Project Greenskin - This statue commemorates the lives that were tragically cut short during a rampage by the supervillain grond....
Desert History - Project Stein - While primus project greenskin is working to understand and ultimately contain the threat of the mutated monster known as grond...
Desert History - Qularr Crash Site - History of qularr crash site...
Desert History - Snake Gulch - Howdy pardner, and welcome to the snake gulch, and rootinest, tootinest, rowdiest robot cowboy amusement park on this side...
Desert History - Stronghold - The highest security prison in the entire world, the supervillain penitentiary stronghold houses some of the most dangerous...
Desert History - Uranium Flats - The highest security prison in the entire world, the supervillain penitentiary stronghold houses...
Desert - Cartographer - Find all neighborhoods and respawn points in the desert.
Desert - Explorer - Explore all Desert neighborhoods.
Desert - Spawn Camper - Find all Respawns in the Desert.
Destroid Assault - Defeat 100 Destroids.
Destroid Triumph - Defeat 5000 Destroids.
Destroid Victory - Defeat 1000 Destroids.
Destroyer Research - Locate the following research:.
Destroyer Robot Triumph - Defeat 5000 Dr. Destroyer Robots.
Destroyerology 101 - Read the following books:.
Destruction of Mass Production - The endless tide of dr. destroyer's destroid robots has to be coming from somewhere. and if their source isn't found, it could be...
Diamond - Receive 50,000,000 Crushing damage.
Do-Gooder - Complete 50 different missions.
Dogcatcher - Defeat 100 contaminated wildlife.
Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls - Slide down the frozen waterfall in Lynx's Fold.
Doppelganger - Defeat 5000 Teleioclones.
Dr. Destroyer Loremaster - Become an expert on Dr. Destroyer.
Dragon's Roost - You've climbed atop one of the gates to Westside's Chinatown. From up there, the view of the fireworks is particularly nice..
Drill Bits - Destroy all the lemurian drills in andrithal.
Droogie - Defeat 5000 Black Ace Gang Members.
Duelist - Defeat 50 Players in Duels.
Early Bird - Defeat 1000 elder worms.
Easy Rider - Defeat 5000 Cobra Lord Gang Members.
Egg-Static - Put an end to viper's experiemnts with teleiosaur eggs in slither beach on Monster Island..
Ego - Deal 10,000,000 Ego damage.
Egoist - Deal 1,000,000 Ego damage.
Electric Boogaloo - Deal 10,000,000 Electrical damage.
Electrified - Receive 50,000,000 Electrical damage.
Empyrean Construct Assault - Defeat 100 empyrean constructs.
Empyrean Construct Triumph - Defeat 5000 Empyrean Constructs.
Empyrean Construct Victory - Defeat 1000 empyrean constructs.
End of Line - Defeat 1000 Robot Nemesis Minions.
Evil Eye - Receive 10,000,000 Mystical damage.
Executioner - Defeat 5000 Escaped Prisoners.
Exploding Cigar - Defeat 5000 FoxBattle Bots.
Exterminator - Defeat 1000 Insectoid Nemesis Minions.
Felon - Defeat 100 NPCs in Apocalypse - Stronghold.
Fireproof - Defeat 1000 Infernal Nemesis Minions.
Firewalker - Jump into the volcano!.
Flak Attack - Disable ten VIPER flak guns.
Flame Retardant - Defeat 100 infernal nemesis minions.
Flame-kissed - Receive 1,000,000 Fire damage.
Flayed - Receive 10,000,000 Slashing damage.
Flyswatter - Defeat 1000 Qularr.
Foxbat and Fandom - Foxbat's causing all kinds of trouble in the Westside district of Millennium city..
Freebooter - Defeat 1000 pirate ghosts.
Frogger - Defeat 100 Gadroons.
From Bad to Worse - Travel from the entrance to Eclipse's Cave to Tilingkoot's Altar..
Full-Metal Jacket - Deal 10,000,000 Piercing damage.
Fully Submersible - Whoever controls the seas around lemuria will be able to influence the outcome of the revolution. Help until gain control of the waters...
Gadroon Orders - Learn about the Gadroon's Orders.
Garbage Collector - Pick up and throw 25 objects on the westside b.a.s.h. map..
Geiger Blip - Defeat 100 Irradiates.
Gekko - Defeat 100 Lemurians.
General - Defeat 1000 Soldier Nemesis Minions.
General Practitioner - Heal 1,000,000 damage.
Get to the Choppa - Discover the helicopter landing area in Millennium City.
Get to the Point - Find executioner's point.
Gets Up and Kills - Defeat 250 heroes as a zombie in the Zombie Apocalypse.
Ghost Buster - Defeat 5000 Evil Spirits.
Ghost Camp - You have found a haunted campsite!.
Ghost Hunter - Defeat 1000 evil spirits.
Ghost Whisperer - Defeat 100 evil spirits.
Glacier - Receive 50,000,000 Cold damage.
Gladiator - Defeat 10000 Players in PvP.
Glows in the Dark - Receive 50,000,000 Toxic damage.
Goes to 11 - Deal 50,000,000 Sonic damage.
Good Fella - Defeat 10 mafia nemesis minions.
Good for the Spirit - Help long-dead lawman samuel whete to undo the hunter-patriot's curse..
Grasshopper - Defeat 100 cult of the red banner.
Grease Monkey - Defeat 100 Bureau 17 Robots.
Great Demon Assault - Defeat 100 great demon minions.
Great Demon Triumph - Defeat 5000 Great Demon Minions.
Great Demon Victory - Defeat 1000 great demon minions.
Great White - Defeat 1000 Karkaradon.
Greenhorn - Defeat 100 cowboy robots.
Gremlin - Defeat the undead hero, goblin.
Guest Star - Play in 5 hero games matches.
Guppy - Defeat 100 aquatic lemurians.
Guy with the Gun - Defeat 250 npc zombies in the Zombie Apocalypse.
Hack 'n Slash - Deal 1,000,000 Slashing damage.
Hail to the King - Defeat 10000 npc zombies in the Zombie Apocalypse.
Half Full - Complete 35 missions in Lemuria.
Hard of Hearing - Receive 10,000,000 Sonic damage.
Harmful - Deal 10,000,000 damage in PvP.
Hatchling Assault - Defeat 100 teleiosaurus hatchlings.
Hatchling Triumph - Defeat 5000 Teleiosaurus Hatchlings.
Hatchling Victory - Defeat 1000 teleiosaurus hatchlings.
Haunted - Receive 50,000,000 Mystical damage.
He's a User - Defeat 10 robot nemesis minions.
Head for the Hills - Climb onto the forehead of the largest Moai.
Headache - Defeat 100 PSI.
Heavyweight - Defeat 1000 Players in PvP.
Hellraiser - Defeat 5000 DEMON.
Hero - Complete 75 different missions.
Heroic Champion - Complete 400 Missions.
Heroic Idealist - Complete 150 Missions.
Heroic Legend - Complete 200 Missions.
Herpetologist - Defeat 1000 Lizardmen Nemesis Minions.
Hexed and Vexed - Receive 1,000,000 Mystical damage.
Hidden Treasure - Find capt. hawkins hidden stash.
High Caliber - Defeat the undead hero, firefight.
High Five - You've explored some of the elevated architecture in Millennium City.
Historian - Canada - Find and investigate the historical objects in each neighborhood of Canada.
Historian - Desert - Research the history of notable Desert sites.
Historian - Lemuria - Research the history of notable Lemurian sites.
Historian - Millennium City - Research the history of notable Millennium City sites.
Historian - Monster Island - Find and investigate the historical objects in each neighborhood of Monster Island.
Hole In The Wall - Find the secret cave in Well's Pass..
Home on the Range - Destroy all 8 targets at the renegade run rifle range..
Hoodlum - Defeat 10 thug nemesis minions.
Hooligan - Defeat 1000 Thug Nemesis Minions.
Hoser - Defeat 100 Hunter-Patriots.
Hot Stuff - Deal 1,000,000 Fire damage.
How Sweet The Sound - Defeat the undead hero, amazing grace.
I Am the Egg-Man - Stand on top of the ominously large egg.
I Believe - Defeat 10 alien nemesis minions.
I'd rather be sailing - Take a closer look at two sailboats..
Ice Cube - Receive 10,000,000 Cold damage.
Iguana - Defeat 1000 Lemurians.
Imitation of Life - Put an end to the mad schemes of the renegade genetic engineer teleios.
Impaled - Receive 50,000,000 Piercing damage.
In Love and Gang-War - A tragedy is about to play out as two young lovers are caught up in gang violence in westside district Millennium City. Unless you can help them..
In Memoriam - Free all 13 undead hero souls during the bloodmoon event.
Indestructible - Defeat the undead hero, crusher.
Insecticide - Defeat 100 insectoid nemesis minions.
Inside My Head - Investigate the large skeleton in Rastrinifhar's Abyss.
Ironclad Offensive - Help ironclad take down the qularr mothership.
Island Hopping - Explore island in well's pass..
Islander - Complete 110 missions in the Monster Island.
Istvatha V'Han Loremaster - Become an expert on Istvatha V'Han.
Jailbird - Defeat 5 NPCs in Apocalypse - Stronghold.
Jar Collector - Find the 5 odd jars hidden around west side in Millennium City.
Johnston's Private Reserve - Find paul johnston's personal stash of contraband.
Jolt - Receive 1,000,000 Electrical damage.
Journey to the Center of the Earth - You've Journeyed to the Center of the Earth!.
Jouster - Defeat 500 Players in Duels.
Joy Buzzer - Defeat 1000 foxbattle bots.
Judge - Defeat 1000 escaped prisoners.
Jurassic Perk - Defeat teleiosaurus.
Jurassic Perk - Solo teleiosaurus.
Jury - Defeat 100 escaped prisoners.
Just a flesh wound - Receive 50,000,000 Slashing damage.
Karkaradon Texts - Read important karkaradon texts.
Kindling - Defeat 100 fire demons.
King of the Zombies - Defeat 10000 heroes as a zombie in the Zombie Apocalypse.
Kings of Edom Loremaster - Become an expert on The Kings of Edom.
Klaatu Verada Necktie - Deal 1,000,000 Mystical damage.
Komodo - Defeat 5000 Lemurians.
Leader of the Pack - Infect 25 players as a feral warrior during the bloodmoon event.
Learn the Ropes - Learn the basics of how to be a super hero in champions online in the tutorial.
Lemuria History - Caliginous Depths - Let these ruins serve as a warning to all who would defy the bleak ones! within these dark depths are the crumbling remnants...
Lemuria History - Rastrinfhar's Abyss - These are the waters of the rastrinfhar. the soul eaters. the face of oblivion, whose seat of power rests in the darkest...
Lemuria History - Undying Reef - This plaque commemorates two hundred years of exemplary service by our great lemurian leader, arvad. Ruling this underwater paradise...
Lemuria - Cartographer - Enter all neighborhoods and find all respawn points in Lemuria.
Lemuria - Explorer - Explore all Lemuria neighborhoods.
Lemuria - Spawn Camper - Discover all Respawn Points in Lemuria.
Lemurian Carvings - Examine the lemurian carvings.
Lemurian Sub Assault - Defeat 100 lemurian submarines.
Lemurian Sub Triumph - Defeat 5000 Lemurian Submarines.
Lemurian Sub Victory - Defeat 30 lemurian submarines.
Letter of Marque - Defeat 10 pirate nemesis minions.
Lifeguard - Heal 50,000 damage in PvP.
Lightning Rod - Receive 1,000,000,000 damage in PvP.
Little Devil - Defeat 100 Demon.
Little Nook - You've discovered a little nook!.
Littlest Pet Shop Boy - Defeat 100 Pets.
Livin' Large - Have 50,000 resource points.
Machine Revolution - Learn about the machine revolt.
Mad Bling - Have 1,000,000 resource points.
Mad Correspondence - Locate the following research:.
Made in China - This statue appears to be the genuine article.
Maggot - Defeat 100 elder worms.
Major - Defeat 10 soldier nemesis minions.
Major Circuit - Win 25 hero games matches.
Mako - Defeat 5000 Karkaradon.
Malchick - Defeat 1000 Black Ace gang members.
Manimal Assault - Defeat 100 man animal hybrids.
Manimal Crossing - You've purchased a home loan installment from tim nook.
Manimal Resources - Argent agents have been kidnapping manimals in the feral tangle and taking them to their "corporate wildlife preserve" elsewhere...
Manimal Triumph - Defeat 5000 Man Animal Hybrids.
Manimal Victory - Defeat 1000 man animal hybrids.
Maple Leaf - Defeat 1000 Hunter-Patriots.
March of the Manimals - Mad geneticist dr. phillippe moreau is trying to build an army of manimals in well's pass on Monster Island. cripple the growing...
Marine Memoriam - Stan sizzou needs help to complete his deceased friend's last project. and getting some revenge on the sharks that killed him wouldn't hurt, either..
Master Control Program - Defeat 100 robot nemesis minions.
Master of Manimals - Weaken dr. phillipe moreau's defenses in well's pass, halt his cruel experiments, subvert his ties to viper, and end his manimal-making menace..
Master of the Arcane - Deal 10,000,000 Mystical damage.
Mauve - Defeat 100 new purple gang members.
Mayhem on Monster Island - Handle the crisis on Monster Island.
Mech Warrior - Defeat 5000 Bureau 17 Robots.
Mechanon Loremaster - Become an expert on Mechanon.
Medic - Heal 5,000,000 damage in PvP.
Metropolitan - Complete 45 missions in Millennium City.
Migraine - Defeat 5000 PSI.
Millennium City History - City Center - The municipal hub of Millennium City, city center houses the non-profit self-help organization mind inc., and headquarters for companies...
Millennium City History - Downtown - The heart of the Millennium City, downtown is the home of the breathtaking architectural wonders known as the renaissance center...
Millennium City History - Westside - Currently undergoing a vigorous reconstruction and refurbishment effort, westside is Millennium City...
Millennium CIty - Cartographer - Explore all neighborhoods and find all the respawn points in Millennium City.
Millennium City - Explorer - Explore all neighborhoods in Millennium City.
Millennium City - Spawn Camper - Find all Respawns Points in Millennium City.
Minimum Wage - Defeat 100 Argent.
Minor Circuit - Win 5 hero games matches.
Money Bags - Have 500,000 resource points.
Monster Island History - Andrithal - Let the burning bones of our enemies serve as a warning to all those who would take up arms against lemuria. Thousands of years ago...
Monster Island History - Argent Corporate Wildlife Preserve - Not a wildlife preserve at all, but in fact an argent owned-and-operated corporate hunting ground, where stockholders, executives...
Monster Island History - Echinocos Shores - In the late 1980s the japanese agency for paranormal and supernatural affair, bureau 17, established an observation outpost here...
Monster Island History - Feral Tangle - Manimals of mal zver village are strong. manimals of new gornyj are weak...
Monster Island History - Slither Beach - The largest and most ambitious of viper's many worldwide operations, viper's primary mandate on Monster Island is to spy...
Monster Island History - Wayfarer Coast - Wayfayer coast is the site of the original qularr invasion in the early 1960s, and an area that these peculiar insectoid extraterrestrials...
Monster Island History - Wells' Pass - After outlaw geneticist phillippe moreau was run out of his beast mountain community in the Ukraine, he moved to Monster Island...
Monster Island - Cartographer - Clear all of the map and find all respawn points on Monster Island.
Monster Island - Explorer - Explore all Monster Island Neighborhoods.
Monster Island - Spawn Camper - Find all Respawns in Monster Island.
Moonstruck - Complete all of the listed perks during the bloodmoon event.
Moped - Defeat 100 cobra lord gang members.
Mosquito Repellent - Defeat 100 Qularr.
Mountie - Defeat 5000 Hunter-Patriots.
Mr. Robotto - Defeat 1000 Bureau 17 Robots.
Multidimensional - Deal 10,000,000 Dimensional damage.
Murky Waters - Help until gather intelligence about what's going on in lemuria.
Mystery of Mechanon - Investigate mechanon's origins.
Myth Buster - Defeat 1000 corrupted bigfoot.
Necronomicon - Deal 50,000,000 Mystical damage.
Necrull Intentions - Put an end to necrull's corruption of burual butte and the dead laid to rest there..
Necrullitic Research - Obtain necrull's research notes.
Neptune - Defeat 5000 Aquatic Lemurians.
Nest of Serpents - Smash through viper's defenses and gain entry into the viper nest in slither beach on Monster Island.
Netherdemon Assault - Defeat 100 nether demons.
Netherdemon Triumph - Defeat 5000 Nether Demons.
Netherdemon Victory - Defeat 1000 nether demons.
No Probes Allowed - Disrupt the qularr's scientific studies and recovery operations in the wayfarer coast on Monster Island.
Northerner - Complete 75 missions in Canada.
Not Dead Yet - Defeat 100 undead nemesis minions.
Number One Crush - Deal 50,000,000 Crushing damage.
Obliterator - You've dealt 500,000,000 damage.
Of Two Minds - Track down the leader of the brain trust, and rescue a most unusual hostage.
Offensive Line - Defeat bestial prisoners and sparc armors in the exercise yard.
On Thin Ice - Explore the frigid depths of big bear lake.
Open Mission - Asciing for Trouble - You've defeated ascii oakley and her posse of robot cowboys!.
Open Mission - Bullet Bound for Biselle - You've thwarted VIPER's plans and Saved Mayor Biselle.
Open Mission - Burden of Beastmen - You've defended new gornyj!.
Open Mission - Cleaning up the 'Hood - You've cleaned up the garbage in Westside.
Open Mission - Destroids Rise Again - You've thwarted the Destroid uprising in Millennium City.
Open Mission - Great Barrier Grief - You've taken out the generators!.
Open Mission - Hang 'em High - You've defeated hanging judge hensley.
Open Mission - Jailbreak! - You've stopped the Jailbreak in Millennium City.
Open Mission - Nadir of the Invaders - You've defended the alien technology from viper!.
Open Mission - Plunder the Sea - You've saved the divers and defeated the robotic pirates!.
Open Mission - Reign of Frogs - You've defeated the xenoforming gadroon!.
Open Mission - Ship Of Fouls - You've defeated the flying dutchman and her crew!.
Open Mission - Trumping the Shark - You've defeated the Flying Dutchman.
Open Mission - Undead on Arrival - You've defeated rictus and his zombie horde!.
Orca - Defeat 1000 aquatic lemurians.
Out of the Wasteland - A horde of irradiated mutants is attacking the primus base known as project - greenskin. what could be driving them to this rampage?
Pacify the Spirits - Find and defeat the five angered Spirits of Nature.
Park Ranger - Defeat 5000 Contaminated Wildlife.
Parole Officer - Defeat 100 convicts nemesis minions.
Particle Man - Deal 50,000,000 Particle damage.
Pay-per-view Star - Play in 250 Hero Games matches.
Perfection of Madness - To the mad geneticist Teleios, no crime is too great great to stop his quest to achieve perfection, and no sacrifice too horrific..
Perforated - Receive 10,000,000 Piercing damage.
Pesticide - Defeat 10 insectoid nemesis minions.
Pet Cemetary - Defeat 5000 Pets.
Pirates of the Abyss - Help the ghost of captain hawkins find peace and get his revenge on he ghost pirates of rhastrinfhar's abyss in lemuria.
Pit VIPER - Find all ten Grond-hunter pits..
Pop Psychology - Defeat 100 maniac gang members.
Pop the Clutch - Stp viper's research into psychic and super-human phenomina at "the clutch".
Predator - Defeat 100 alien nemesis minions.
Prime Time Regular - Play in 50 hero games matches.
Prison Guard Assault - Defeat 100 prison guards.
Prison Guard Triumph - Defeat 5000 Prison Guards.
Prison Guard Victory - Defeat 1000 prison guards.
Private Practice - Heal 10,000,000 damage.
Privateer - Defeat 100 pirate nemesis minions.
Prosecutor - Defeat 5000 Prisoners.
Psych Ward - Defeat 5000 Maniac Gang Members.
Pugilist - Defeat 2500 Players in Duels.
Puppetmaster - Defeat 1000 Pets.
Purifier - Defeat 10 demon nemesis minions.
Purple Haze - Defeat 5000 new purple gang members.
Purple with Rage - Westside's new purple gang is about to make a move, and it's up to you to stop them..
Qliphothic Lore - Recover the fragments.
Quality Control - You have defeated an entire shipment of MechEnforcers!.
Qularr Crash - Learn about the qularr crash.
Qularr Operations - Learn about the qularr operations.
Radioactive - Defeat the undead hero, radion.
Raiders on the Storm - A strange storm has brought down an airliner, and unnatural creatures are hindeirng the rescue effort..
Red Bug Down - This was the first ship brought down in the Qularr invasion, with luck it won't be the last..
Reflections on Destroyer - Speak with Dr. Thesken.
Rescue Dog - Defuse 100 Bombs.
Resolute - You've taken 1,000,000 damage, but you keep on fighting.
Resonant - Deal 1,000,000 Sonic damage.
Respect for the Dead - Destroy the three skulls atop the burial cairns in southern burial butte..
Revolution under the Sea - The hidden undersea city of lemuria is being torn apart by a brutal civil war. The humanoid lemurians loyal to king avad are struggling...
Riders in the Sky - Find a hat in an unlikely place.
Rift Runner - Swim the entire length of the lava rift in Rastrinfhar's Abyss.
Rifter - Deal 1,000,000 Dimensional damage.
Ripley - Defeat 1000 Alien Nemesis Minions.
Robots, Radiation, and Rampage - Deal the numerous robot-related issues of wayfarer coast on Monster Island..
Rubber Room - Defeat 1000 maniac gang members.
Rude Awakenings - Stop viper's psychic research at their project - awakening base.
Ruffian - Defeat 100 thug nemesis minions.
Ruin from the Ancient Past - Disrupt the lemurian house of hyrg's expedition to excavate the ruins of andrithal on Monster Island..
Running out the Renegades - Investigate and disrupt the hunter-patriots' recruitment and training at the renegade run "paintball" camp.
Rustler - Defeat 100 burnside ghosts.
Safari - Defeat 10 beastmen nemesis minions.
Samaritan - Complete 25 different missions.
Samurai - Defeat 10 ninja nemesis minions.
Sanctified - Defeat 10 infernal nemesis minions.
Sandtiger - Defeat 100 Karkaradon.
Save The City - The sudden qularr attack has left the people of Millennium City in all manner of trouble. a super-hero's work is never done..
Say What? - Receive 50,000,000 Sonic damage.
Scaley - Defeat 10 lizardmen nemesis minions.
Scarface - Defeat 100 mafia nemesis minions.
Scissors beat Paper - Receive 1,000,000 Slashing damage.
Scoping the Skies - Get a view from the main lens of Teleios' telescope.
Sea Wolf - Defeat a submarine as a Werewolf.
Searching In Shadows - Look into the strange supernatural happenings in the hoarfrost hills.
Secure the Perimeter - Walk the entire length of the southern perimeter wall at force station steelhead.
Shadow Boxer - Defeat the undead hero, shadowboxer.
Shadow of the Destroyer - Even the possibility of Dr. Destroyer's return has set the entire world on Edge. What is the truth behind these rumors? The truth must be found!.
Shadow of the Shark Men - Do battle with the savage Karkaradons and discover the identity of their hidden master.
Shanked - Receive 1,000,000 Piercing damage.
Shaolin - Defeat 5000 Cult of the Red Banner.
Sharkbite Survivor - Defeat the Megalodon.
Shattered - Receive 10,000,000 Particle damage.
Sheriff - Defeat 1000 Cowboy Nemesis Minions.
Shogun - Defeat 100 ninja nemesis minions.
Silver Bullet - Defeat 100 bloodmoon werewolves.
Silver Lining - Defeat the undead hero, nimbus.
Slayer - Defeat 1000 Demon.
Slightly Queasy - Receive 1,000,000 Toxic damage.
Smashed - Receive 1,000,000 Particle damage.
Smooth Criminal - Defeat 500 NPCs in Apocalypse - Stronghold.
Snake Charmer - Defeat 5000 Viper.
Snake Eyes - Defeat 100 Viper.
Snake Gulch Main Arc - Discover what's happening in snake gulch.
Snake Gulch Minor Arc - Take care of the troublemakers of snake gulch.
Snake Handler - Defeat 1000 Viper.
Snow Flake - Receive 1,000,000 Cold damage.
Snow Thrush Job - Uncover truth behind argent's snow thrush sanctuary.
Source of the Disorder - Find out who or what is causing the riot in stronghold prison and put a stop to it..
Sparky - Deal 1,000,000 Electrical damage.
Special Circuit - Win 500 Hero Games matches.
Stay Out of the Lava - Take 1,000,000 fire damage in the lava temple..
Steadfast - You've taken 100,000,000 damage, but you remain steadfast.
Steam Bath - Investigate the steam where the lava pours into the ocean..
Stop and smell the... - You've stopped a moment to smell the...say, what kind of plant is this anyway?
Stop the Invasion - Link up with Millennium City's protecters and stop the qularr attack at it's source..
Street Racer - Defeat 1000 cobra lord gang members.
Sub Zero - Deal 10,000,000 Cold damage.
Sub-Atomic - Deal 1,000,000 Particle damage.
Sun Tanned - Complete 60 missions in the Desert.
Sunblind - Defeat the undead hero, eclipse.
Sunburned - Complete 90 missions in the Desert.
Super Ego - Deal 50,000,000 Ego damage.
Supercharged - Deal 50,000,000 Electrical damage.
Superhero - Complete 100 different missions.
Surgeon - Heal 25,000,000 damage in PvP.
Surgeon General - You've healed 50,000,000 damage.
Surrounded By Evil - Defeat 50 npc zombies in the Zombie Apocalypse.
Swabbie - Defeat 100 pirate ghosts.
Swashbuckler - Defeat 20000 Players in Duels.
Taking a Peak - Defeat the viper agents inside the argent wildlife preserve.
Tall Tale - Defeat 100 corrupted bigfoot.
Taskmaster - Defeat the undead hero, johnny hercules.
Teleios Loremaster - Become an expert on Teleios.
Teleios' Experiments - Recover teleios' experimental results.
Teleios' Journals - Read journal entries written by teleios, the self-proclaimed perfect man.
Tenderfoot - Walk through every campfire in Burnside.
Terminator - Deal 1,000,000 damage.
Terra De-Forming - Disrupt the alien gadroon's attempts to terraform the canadian wilderness.
Tesseract - Receive 50,000,000 Dimensional damage.
The Avenger - Deal 5,000 damage. your unwavering efforts to beat back the forces of injustice have unlocked the avenger role!.
The Beast Within - Investigate the old tunnel in chiyetanka bluff.
The Cast Away - Help stranded survivor hank crusoe escape from Monster Island (and his own personal madness).
The Crowns of Darkness, Blood, and Fire - The crowns of krim, six vile and debased individuals empowered by mystic artifacts, are on the move. defeat the first of them...
The Crowns of Krim - Discover the plans of the crowns of Krim.
The Deep End - Complete 70 missions in the Lemuria.
The Demon of the Lost - Do battle with the Demons of the North, and find a way to defeatTillingkoot, the Demon of the Lost.
The Exorcist - Defeat 1000 Demon Nemesis Minions.
The Flame of Krim - Uncover the presence of pheonis, one of the diabolical crowns of krim, and put an end to his evil plans in his hidden lair on Monster Island..
The Godfather - Defeat 1000 mafia nemesis minions.
The Good, the Bad, and the Undead - ...hunter-patriot revolutionary group is trying to take advantage of the chaos in the wake of the storm and the crash...
The Harrowing - Read all of the harrowing.
The Impaler - Deal 50,000,000 Piercing damage.
The Kings Shall Rise - All over the world strange clues and cryptic accounts hint that something dark and monstrous has begun... What are these? Can they be stopped?
The Lemurians are Revolting! - Lemuria is caught up in a bloody revolution as zealous rebels try to kill or convert the remaining loyalists. Canyour power protect the Lemurians?
The New Pollution - Stop viper from polluting the canadian wilderness.
The Protector - Heal 5,000 damage. your selfless care for your teammates has unlocked the protector role!.
The PSI Conspiracy - What sinister connect bind together Millennium City's purple gang,self-help group mind inc.,and the organization of evil mentalists known as psi?
The Qularr De-Fleeted - Find a way to disable or destroy the qularr attack fleet in wayfarer coast on Monster Island.
The Raptor Whisperer - Defeat the rampaging teleioraptor in stroessen's peak.
The Sentinel - Receive 5,000 damage. your unyielding stand against the forces of corruption and injustice has unlocked the sentinel role!.
The Truth is Right Here - There's something strange happening in Millennium City's city center district, and silver avenger mayte sanchez will need your help to uncover it.
The Unnatural Imbalance - Help to keep the argent wildlife preserve from ecological collapse from over-hunting and an over-population of telsiosaurs.
The Vengeance Journals - Read the vengeance journals.
The Wild Life - Help brother whitehart and his fellow manimals create a way to escape from the argent corporate wildlife preserve on Monster Island.
The Worms Crawl Out - Stop elder worm excavations in echinocos shores.
Thermonuclear - Defeat 1000 Irradiates.
Those Who Dwell in Bleakness - The servants of the bleak ones seek to free their long-imprisoned masters. now may be the only chance to stop these eldritch horrors...
Thrash of the Lich King - Drive off takofanes during the bloodmoon event.
Three Coins - Live the sweet life. Cavort in the fountain in Downtown..
To The Point - Defeat the undead hero, flechette.
Toad Warrior - Defeat 5000 Gadroons.
Top of the Heap - Win a Battle Arena Super Heroes match.
Top of the World - View millenium city from the top of its highest structures..
Torpedo Run - Enter the Aegir's torpedo tube.
Tower Assault - Kill the viper agents surrounding the isolated tower in rime woods.
Tower Defense - Kill the gadroon villains in the tower near fallen sun forest..
Towering Inferno - Defeat 5000 Fire Demons.
Toxic - Deal 1,000,000 Toxic damage.
Toxic Avenger - Deal 50,000,000 Toxic damage.
Toxic Crusader - Deal 10,000,000 Toxic damage.
Transmit and Receive - Defeat the guards at both large satellite dishes in massassauga hills.
Trapper - Defeat 1000 contaminated wildlife.
Twisted - Receive 1,000,000 Dimensional damage.
U.T.C. Bronze Belt - Win 15 ultimate tournament of champions matches.
U.T.C. Championship - Win 250 Ultimate Tournament of Champions matches.
U.T.C. Silver Belt - Win 50 Ultimate Tournament of Champions matches.
U.T.C.Championship - Win 250 ultimate tournament of champions matches.
Ultimate Tournament of Champions - Bronze Belt - Accumulate 25 UTC victories.
Ultimate Tournament of Champions - Gold Belt - Accumulate 500 UTC victories.
Ultimate Tournament of Champions - Silver Belt - Accumulate 100 UTC victories.
Under Pressure - Receive 10,000,000 Crushing damage.
Unsafe - Deal 100,000 damage in PvP.
Urban Legend - Defeat 5000 Corrupted Bigfoot.
Van Damned - Defeat the undead hero, vanguard.
Van Helsing - Defeat 1000 Undead Nemesis Minions.
Vanquish Bleak Elder - You have defeated Bleak Elder.
Vanquish Bloodstone - You have defeated Bloodstone.
Vanquish Bronze King - You have defeated the Bronze King.
Vanquish Buster - You have defeated Buster.
Vanquish Buzzard - You have defeated Buzzard.
Vanquish Clyde Von Schoultz - You have defeated Clyde Von Schoultz.
Vanquish Darkmoon - You have defeated Darkmoon.
Vanquish Diamondback - You have defeated Diamondback.
Vanquish Director - You have defeated Director.
Vanquish Dr. Destroyer - You have defeated Dr. Destroyer.
Vanquish Dr. Dino Demogaard - You have defeated Dr. Dino Demogaard.
Vanquish Dr. Moreau - You have defeated Dr. Moreau.
Vanquish Escaped Qularr Swamlord - You have defeated Escaped Qularr Swamlord.
Vanquish Foxbat - You have defeated Foxbat.
Vanquish Giant Destroid - You have defeated Giant Destroid.
Vanquish Grond - You have defeated Grond.
Vanquish Hyena Swine - You have defeated Hyena Swine.
Vanquish Hyrg Coruscator - You have defeated Hyrg Coruscator.
Vanquish Kevin Poe - You have defeated Kevin Poe.
Vanquish Khusor the Crooked - You have defeated Khusor the Crooked.
Vanquish Kigatilik - You have defeated Kigatilik.
Vanquish Leech - You have defeated Leech.
Vanquish Leviathan - You have defeated Leviathan.
Vanquish Mechaniste - You have defeated Mechaniste.
Vanquish Mechassassin - You have defeated Mechassassin.
Vanquish Mega-Terak - You have defeated Mega-Terak.
Vanquish Megalodon - You have defeated Megalodon.
Vanquish Menton - You have defeated Menton.
Vanquish Mind Slayer - You have defeated Mind Slayer.
Vanquish Mind-controlled Brute - You have defeated Mind-controlled Brute.
Vanquish Neanderthal - You have defeated Neanderthal.
Vanquish Necrull - You have defeated Necrull.
Vanquish Nest Leader Tadataka - You have defeated Nest Leader Tadataka.
Vanquish Paul Johnston - You have defeated Paul Johnston.
Vanquish PSImon - You have defeated PSImon.
Vanquish Qwyjibo - You have defeated Qwyjibo.
Vanquish Rampaging Teleioraptor - You have defeated Rampaging Teleioraptor.
Vanquish Redstone - You have defeated Redstone.
Vanquish Ripper - You have defeated Ripper.
Vanquish Slug - You have defeated Slug.
Vanquish Steel Commando - You have defeated Steel Commando.
Vanquish Stingray - You have defeated Stingray.
Vanquish Tachyon - You have defeated Tachyon.
Vanquish Talisman - You have defeated Talisman.
Vanquish Teleiosaurus Hatchling - You have defeated Teleiosaurus Hatchling.
Vanquish the Ghost Pirate Ship - You have defeated the Ghost Pirate Ship.
Vanquish The Maw - You have defeated The Maw.
Vanquish Tilingkoot - You have defeated Tilingkoot.
Vanquish Ultimate Mind - You have defeated Ultimate Mind.
Vanquish Vikorin the Blind - You have defeated Vikorin the Blind.
Vanquish Viper X - You have defeated Viper X.
Vanquish White Rhino - You have defeated White Rhino.
Vanquish Windfist - You have defeated Windfist.
Vanquish Zarn - You have defeated Zarn.
Vanquished Armadillo - You have defeated Armadillo.
Vanquished Ascii Oakley - You have defeated Ascii Oakley.
Vanquished Black Talon - You have defeated Black Talon.
Vanquished Captain Claw - You have defeated Captain Claw.
Vanquished Dr. Timothy Blank - You have defeated Dr. Timothy Blank.
Vanquished Eclipse - You have defeated Eclipse.
Vanquished Ferd - You have defeated Ferd.
Vanquished Galeforce - You have defeated Galeforce.
Vanquished Gigaton - You have defeated Gigaton.
Vanquished Hanging Judge Hensley - You have defeated Hanging Judge Hensley.
Vanquished Hi Pan - You have defeated hi pan!.
Vanquished Lionel Benjamin - You have defeated Lionel Benjamin.
Vanquished Major Gertz - You have defeated Major Gertz.
Vanquished Medusa - You have defeated Medusa!.
Vanquished Rakshasa - You have defeated Rakshasa.
Vanquished Roman Stepanov - You have defeated Roman Stepanov.
Vanquished Teleios - You have defeated Teleios!.
Vanquished The Bronze King - You have defeated The Bronze King.
Venerated - Reach level 30.
Vigilance Committee - Defeat 10 cowboy nemesis minions.
Vigilant - Defeat the undead hero, vigil.
VIPER Loremaster - Become an expert on VIPER's plans and operations.
VIPER Project:Stein - Put an end to VIPER's research into weaponizing Grond.
VIPER Recruitment - Investigate viper recruitment tactics.
Viper's Supersoldier Program - Discover information on VIPER's Supersolider project.
Volatile - Make use of the volatile container in the high-tech arena.
Vulcan's Champion - Experience the volcanic nature of Monster Island.
Walk the Line - Walk the entire length of the pipeline near the refinery in snow thrush sanctuary.
Walk with the Manimals - The peaceful manimal village of new gornyj in the feral tangle is under seige from the savage manimals of mal zver, and needs your help to survive.
War Never Changes - War never changes,but it can change the soldiers who fight it. help troops of project greenskin against irradiates,and against a foe far more terrible.
War of the 'Foots - Aid the friendly Chiyetah tribe in their battle against the hostile demon-woshipping Tsiataka tribe.
Warden - Defeat 1000 Convicts Nemesis Minions.
Warped - Receive 10,000,000 Dimensional damage.
We are the Champions - Speak with each of the Champions.
Well-done - Receive 10,000,000 Fire damage.
Well-to-Do - Have 1,000 resource points.
What's Mine is Mine - Investigate argent activity in the hoarfrost hills and find out what they're really up to.
What's That Smell? - Take a closer look at the inside of a dumpster..
When a Curse is a Blessing - Recover the fragments of the long-lost Scroll of Andrith, then create the ancient recipe to return Lemurians to their humanoid forms.
Who's Laughing Now? - Defeat 1000 npc zombies in the Zombie Apocalypse.
Whoopee Cushion - Defeat 100 foxbattle bots.
WMD - Defeat 5000 Irradiates.
Wolfsbane - Defeat 25 Werewolf players as a Hunter during the bloodmoon event.
World Circuit - Win 125 Hero Games matches.
Worshipped - Reach level 40.
Wrangler - Defeat 1000 burnside ghosts.
Zapped - Recieve 10,000,000 Electrical damage.

Attack Of The Misfit Toys Winter Event achievements:
Blizzard - Put together the Winter Kinetik Action Figure.
Broken Toy - Defeat 1000 Misfit Toys during the Attack of the Misfit Toys event.
Cold Iron - Put together the Winter ironclad Action Figure.
Misfit - Drive off Black Harlequin and his Misfit Toys during the Attack of the Misfit Toys.
Northern Hero - Put together the Patriot Justiciar Action Figure.
Toymaker - Put together all Five Winter Action Figures during the Attack of the Misfit Toys event.
Winter Defender - Put together the Winter Defender Action Figure.
Winter Warrior - Complete all of the listed Perks during the Attack of the Misfit Toys Winter Event.
Winter Witchcraft - Put together the Winter Witchcraft Action Figure.

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