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Championship Bass Cheats "Recommended settings" (PC)


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Recommended settings

Use the following setting to catch the corresponding fish:

Catch more bass
Location: Table Rock
Season: Fall
Weather: Overcast
Wind speed: 15
Air temperature: 74
Water temperature: 60
Water clarity: Either Clear or Slight Stained

Note: Use a grub or worm with chartreuse coloring for fast bites.

Catch more trout
Location: Lake Mead
Season: Spawn
Weather: Clear
Wind direction: North
Wind speed: 5
Air temperature: 60
Water temperature: 60
Water clarity: Clear

Catch more catfish, spotted bass, and smallmouth bass
Location: Table Rock:
Season: Winter
Weather: Overcast
Go to the northern area of the lake in shallow to middle depth water. Look around and you should see plenty of fish.

Note: Always try going to a place on the map where there are trees, rocks, weeds and other fish hideouts. Use the Crawdad lure with Carartruse and you will catch larger fish.

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