Championship Manager 2 PC Cheats

Rating 3

International Manager

Enter the following codes to become the manager of the corresponding countries:

Terry Vennables - International Manager.
Glenn Hoddle - England
Craig Brown - Scotland
Bobby Gould - Wales
Mick McCarthy - Ireland
Bryan Hamilton - Northern Ireland
Artur Jorge - Portugal
Arrigo Sacchi - Italy
Javier Clemente - Spain.

Rating 3

Make players that have "Big for Club Release Clauses" unavailable

It stinks when larger clubs buy your very good players. To prevent this, select the player you want to make unavailable. See if the "Make Unavailable" icon is available for use. If it is not, simply transfer list the player, then quickly go back into the options. The "Make Unavailable" icon should now be selectable. This will stop big clubs buying your players.

Rating 2

Quit without forfeit

Press KEYPAD ASTERISK to quit the current match without recording the game.

Rating 1

Free players

Place a high bid for the desired player so the club accepts the offer, then change the offer to "0" on the "Adjust Offer" screen and choose the "Cancel" option.

Rating 0

Quick game

Press SPACEduring game play when there is no on-screen commentary. Note: This have to be repeated during the second half of the game.