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Championship Manager 4 Cheats "Easy money hints" (PC)


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Easy money hints

-Enter "Game Options" then select "Add Manager". Enter a name, etc. and pick either a club in the Premier League with lots of transfer funds or an opposing team just before you play them. To get cash, have the new made up manager make bids for your current team's players that you no longer need or use. Bid as much as you want for each player you do not want. Then, confirm the details, accept their contracts, and the money is yours. After doing the transfers click the manager's name and select "Retire". Then, take control of your old team again. This can also be done to transfer good players from other teams, but your current team still needs to have high enough wage options for the player to accept your terms.

-After finding a player that another club is interested in, bid a very small amount in the immediate transfer fee, however bid as much money as possible (without going over your transfer budget) in the fee after one league game. You have now purchased the players for cheap. Sell him to the other interested club for more than you bid for in the immediate transfer fee. Once sold, you do not have to pay the "fee after one league game", so you would have made a profit.

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