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Championship Manager: Season 00/01 Cheats "Finding good players" (PC)


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Finding good players

-Enter the "/cm0102/editor/" folder and run the cm0102ed.exe file to start the game editor. Use it to open your data file, which is usually in the "/cm0102/data" folder. Use the filter to find any player who has ability over 180. These players are great but usually are very expensive and famous. However, some of them are not -- for example, some players from South America. You can use filter to find any player with potential over 180. Some of them, especially the younger ones, are not expensive and will develop into very good players in a few years.

-Find a player called Mpenza. He will cost about £17,000, but it is worth it as he scores all the time.

- Go the game's editor and filter out players with -2 potential ability. All of these players have the potential abilities to become world class players some day, if they are played often. Examples of such players are To Madeira, John Woodgate, and Krisstoffer Weckstrom.

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