Championship Manager: Season 03/04 PC Cheats

Rating 6

Recommended teams

-Try the following players:

Oliver Kahn: GK
Ashley Cole: DL
Rio Ferdinand: DC
Sol Campbell: DC
William Gallas: DR
Robert Pires: MR
Harry Kewell: ML
Patrick Viera: DMC
Clarence Seedorf: AMC
Thierry O'Henry: SC
Ruad Van Nistelroy: SC
-Try the following players:

Anatoli Todorov (Litex): Striker
Carlos Tevez (Boca): Striker
Stephen Pearson (Motherwell): Midfielder
Matthew Taylor (Portsmouth): Defender
Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United): Midfielder
Michael Chopra (Newcastle): Striker
Freddy Adu (River or USA Under 21s): Forward
Lewis Buxton (Portsmouth): Defender
Supat Rungratsamee (Portsmouth): Forward
Sanli Tuncay (Turkey): Forward
Tariq Nabil (Crystal Palace): Midfielder
Kasper Schmeichel (Man City): Keeper
Freddy William Thompson (Guatemalan): Midfielder
Mbueblo Mabizela (Tottenham): Defender
Billy Jones (Crewe): Defender
Tom Huddlestone (Derby): Defender
Fabricio Coloccini (AC Milan): Defender
Mancini (Roma): Midfielder
Le Tallec (Liverpool): Midfielder
Rob Burch (Tottenham): Keeper
Roncatto (Brazil): Forward
Diego (Santos): Midfielder

-Try the following players:

Alessio Cerci (Roma): Striker
Ka'bi (Iran): Midfielder
Lee Holmes (Derby): Striker
Leo (Brazilian): Midfielder
Navidkia (Iran): Midfielder
Paul Robinson (Leeds): Keeper
Paul Robinson (WBA): Defender
Shola Ameobi (Newcastle): Striker

-Try the following players:

Ashley Cole
Thierry Henry (you can get him on a free in first season)
Jemaine Defoe
Fernando Cavanaghi
Henri Camara
De La Cuesta

-Try the following players:

Mourad Meghni (French Team)
Riccardo Montolivo (Atalanta)
Javier Mascherano (River)
Papa Waigo
Patricio Perez
Steven Taylor (Newcastle)
Jose Soto (Chile Team)
Chris Eagles (Man Utd. Reserves)
Evandro Roncatto (Brazil Team)
Maxi Lopez (River)
Ryan Jarvis (Norwich)
Mark Wright (Tottenham)
Mark Yeates (Tottenham)
Owen Price (Tottenham)
Carlos Daniel Hidalgo (Pasto)
Jose Julian de la Cuesta
Jakob Rasmussen
Aaron Lennon (Leeds)
Supat Rungratsamee (Portsmouth)
Milan Baros (Liverpool)
Rafael van der Vaart (Ajax)
Michael Dawson (Nottm Forest)
Jermain Defoe (West Ham/Tottenham)
Helder Postiga (Tottenham)
Colin Heath (Man Utd U19s)
David Bentley (Arsenal)
Philip Ifil (Tottenham)
John Kyriacou (Tottenham)
Lewis Buxton (Portsmouth)
Ollie Allen (Tottenham)
Brian Mascarenhas (Tottenham)

-Get David Braathen and Jesper Braathen.

-Use the following players in a 3-2-2-3 formation with Barcelona:

GK: Frey (Parma)
CD: Lucio (Bayer Leverkusen)
CD: Mexes (Auxerre)
CD: Puyol (Barcelona)
DM: Vieira (Arsenal)
DM: Xabi Alonso (Real Sociedad)
AT: Ronaldinho (Barcelona)
AT: Rooney (Everton)
ST: Kliuvert (Barcelona)
ST: Tevez (Boca Juniors)
ST: Martins (Inter Milan)

-The following are very good youth players to get:

Ricard (Fortaleza)
Fred (Santos)
Robinho (Santos)
Diego (Santos)
Chico (FC Bayern)
Hatem Aquello (Sporting)
Abulio (West Ham)
Alc Quidicaro (Portsmouth)
Vagner love (Palmeirias)
Daniel Carvalho (Internacional)
Bren Perquona (Man City)
Tama Umrechsteiger (Valladolid)
Rincon (Man Utd)
Leonardo Verdi (Juventus)
Anderson (Gremio AMC)
Ragnar Klavan (Flora)
Evandro Roncatto (Guarani)
Darren Ambrose (Charlton)
Momente (Inter)
Andreolli (Inter)
Vaz Te (Bolton)
Masashi (Motoyama)
Leo (Flamengo)
Dickson Etuhu (Preston)

The following youth players will be worth over £15 million if they are played regularly:

Umberto Agnelli
Hermann Albrecht
Luciano Moggi
Vincenzo iaquinta
Frazer Campbell
Rinat Alchmetov
Markus Merk
Gianni Narri
Riccardo Deleverte
Mikel Arteta
Robert Green (Norwich goalie)

The Best Division 1 side possible is as follows. Note: Wimbledon has the best players; buy them all. Kenny Miller is best striker in the game:

GK: Tony Warner (Millwall)
RB: Alex Baptiste (Mansfield)
LB: Jermaine Darlington (Wimbledon)
CB: Ivan Hurtado (Barcelona ECU)
CB: Joleon Lescott (Wolves)
RM: Paul Ifill Or Jobi Mcanuff (Millwall+Wimbledon)
LM: Lionel Morgan (Wimbledon)
CM: Tim Cahill (Millwall)
CM: Chris Sedgwick (Rotherham)
ST: Nathan Ellington (Wigan)
ST: Kenny Miller (Wolves)
Sub GK: Stefan Postma (Aston Villa)
Sub DF: Jody Craddock (Wolves)
Sub MF: Andy Liddell (Wigan)
Sub MF: Micheal Tonge (Sheff U)
Sub ST: Neil Harris (Millwall)
Lasse Qvist (Lyngby)
Martin Rowlands (QPR)
Eugene Dadi (Tranmere)
Patrick Agyemang (Wimbledon)
Alan Navarro (Tranmere)
Dickson Etuhu (Preston)
Ricardo Fuller (Preston)
Justin Hoyte (Arsenal)
? Holloway (Wimbledon)
Paulo Wanchope (Man City)
Hussaine (Man U)

-Get Julius Aghahowa. His stats are very good on the Physical section, with 20 Pace and Agility and all the rest over 15.

Rating 3

Select two countries

Pick two teams, then choose the team that you do not wish to play. Next, make a bid on a player from the opposite team. Make the bid about 150,000,000 and send the bid to the other team .Afterward, accept the bid. When you make a contract proposal, make it as good as it can get. However, do not send the contract -- you must retire as the manager of the team that made the bid. If done correctly, the message "Transfer failed" will be in your message box and the player will leave your club for the amount which you chose.

Rating 3

Getting good players hints

-Begin a new game and select the league that you are about to manage. While playing, click on "Game Options", then "Add Manager", then "Enter Your Profile". Select the team that you wish to manage. You now have two teams in your control at the same time. You can do any transaction, such as buy any great player for free transfer (if you choose that player's team).

-If you have a spare £9 million and need a good goal scorer in your first season, Frederic Kanoute is recommended. He has a buy out clause of £9 million and will want about £60,000 a week. Nicholas Anelka is guaranteed goals. He will set you back roughly £7 million if you are lucky, but he is well worth it. Issah Eliakwu is 18 years old and is easily one of the greatest youngsters on the game. you can pick him up for about £250,000.

-Use the following trick to save money when January approaches and you don't need players at that moment, but you want to purchase players for next season. Go into the player/staff search feature. Configure a search that only lets you see players who's contracts expire in the proceeding six months. If you see a player that you like, click the "Action" button then click "Approach To Sign". You will instalty be able to offer him a contract. If he accepts the contract, he will be yours in the summer. Always check how much compensation you will have to pay his current club.

-If you want to purchase a decent continental player go to Spain. Every player in Spain has a minimum fee of release clause in their contracts. Though it is occasionally high, most can be brought for about £10 million.

Rating 2

Never lose

Before any match, save the game. If you lose your game, just reload your saved game and try again. However, you must remember your next fixtures date -- once you are about to go to the match it cannot be saved anymore.

Rating 0

Infinite money hint

Normally, to get a largeamount of money in these games, you just have to take over another team with the "Add Manager" option and sell a player for an impressive amount. However, this results in having no players remaining, no transfer budget at your selected victim club, or even worse, the board keeps intervening. The solution is to take over the team you hate the most with the "Add Manager" option, as usual. However, instead of selling a player to them, have them put in a First Option bid for £100 million. Simply accept the bid and the £100 million is yours with no interference. No matter how deep in debt the club gets, the owners will not stop the transfers, and you can reap the rewards of unlimited money.