Championship Manager: Season 97/98 PC Cheats

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Become an international manager

At "Manger Info", select "Add More Managers". Choose the country and when asked to type in a manger's name, type in the real coach's name. For example, with England enter Glenn Hoddle and for The Netherlands enter Guus Hiddink.

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Edit teams

At the editor, to change the team and management data, open the "Tmdata" or "Mgdata" databases and edit them. You can give a team lots of money by going to "Cash" and entering a number up to 50,000. Note: This will change to 50 million during game play.

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Edit players

At the editor, open the "Players" database, then select "Edit Database" and enter "Players". Click on a player. You can now set all his ratings up to "20". When done, begin a new game and the player will be a top class footballer. You can also create new players.

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Purchase any player

Add managers to the team from which you want to purchase a player. Place that player on the transfer list, then retire from the club and purchase that player. Note: This can only be done with clubs that are in your league.

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Avoiding bad games

Press ASTERISK to quit without saving the game. This is useful to go back to a saved game after getting terrible results.