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Chaos Island Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Hold SHIFT + CTRL + X + S during game play to enable cheat mode. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

More money - Money
Kill the object currently selected - Kill
Full map - Clear or jurassic
Increase speed attribute - upgrade s
Increase carry attribute - upgrade c
Increase damage attribute - upgrade d
Increase armor attribute - upgrade a
Increase vision attribute - upgrade v
Raptor egg - Egg raptor
Tyrannosaurus egg - Egg trex
Stegosaurus egg - Egg stegosaur
Parasaurus egg - Egg parasaur
Dilophosaurus egg - Egg dilo
Triceratops egg - Egg triceratops
Compy egg - Egg compy
Pachycephalosaurus egg - Egg pachycephalosaurus
Win current mission - Win
Lose current mission - Lose
Invincibility - Macleod
Increase Eddie's and Nick's response - Extra
Enable specified character ending - Audio
Hold the dead - Dead
Programmer message - Prince
Programmer picture - Core
Alien character and gun - Remdul
Allow special winning setting - Evets
Display available cheats - raggsdale
Set health for selected unit - health
Set health percentage for selected unit - hppr
Pause game - SHIFT + F3
Advance frame by frame - SHIFT + F4
Resume game - SHIFT + F5

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