Chaos Island PC Cheats

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Hold SHIFT + CTRL + X + S during game play to enable cheat mode. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

More money - Money
Kill the object currently selected - Kill
Full map - Clear or jurassic
Increase speed attribute - upgrade s
Increase carry attribute - upgrade c
Increase damage attribute - upgrade d
Increase armor attribute - upgrade a
Increase vision attribute - upgrade v
Raptor egg - Egg raptor
Tyrannosaurus egg - Egg trex
Stegosaurus egg - Egg stegosaur
Parasaurus egg - Egg parasaur
Dilophosaurus egg - Egg dilo
Triceratops egg - Egg triceratops
Compy egg - Egg compy
Pachycephalosaurus egg - Egg pachycephalosaurus
Win current mission - Win
Lose current mission - Lose
Invincibility - Macleod
Increase Eddie's and Nick's response - Extra
Enable specified character ending - Audio
Hold the dead - Dead
Programmer message - Prince
Programmer picture - Core
Alien character and gun - Remdul
Allow special winning setting - Evets
Display available cheats - raggsdale
Set health for selected unit - health
Set health percentage for selected unit - hppr
Pause game - SHIFT + F3
Advance frame by frame - SHIFT + F4
Resume game - SHIFT + F5

Rating 1

Quick egg spawning

When entering the egg name to spawn an egg, typing the full name isn't necessary. You only have to type egg then the first four letters of the creature you want to spawn. For example, egg rapt will work just as well as egg raptor.

Rating 1

Level select

Hold CTRL + SHIFT + Q + W at the main menu, then release W. Any normal or bonus level can then be selected.

Rating 0

Permanent codes

Warning: Enabling the following codes will result in the corresponding effect being in the game, permanently. The game must be re-installed to return to normal mode. Hold SHIFT + CTRL + X + S during game play to enable cheat mode. A red vertical line will appear in the bottom right corner to confirm correct code entry. Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat:

Place units inside rectangles - Drawrect
Grid appears on map - Grid