Chaos Theory PC Cheats

Rating 1

Steam achievements

Adept - Learn to use all game elements to perfection.
Brainiac - Be smart and finish all the tutorials at the first try.
Fast Thinker - Finish 20 Levels at the first try.
Game Master - Complete all levels.
Homeland Defender - Finish Level 37 'Never let the red ball break through II'.
Master Sniper - Finish Level 33 'Precise Shooting' in under 75 seconds.
Multiplier Dominator - Finish Level 44 'Clockwork'.
Penalty King - Finish Level 47 'Curling Cross' in under 1 minute.
Pro Batter - Finish Level 29 'Shuffle Puck' in under 30 seconds.
Switch Man - Find a way through Level 48 'Railroad' in under 85 seconds.
Theseus - Find a way through the 'Labyrinth' in under 30 seconds.
Winning Spree - Complete 10 levels in a row without hitting retry.