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Chex Quest 3 PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes during game play:

Normal Slimeproof Suit for one minute - allen
Invincible to any slime for 30 seconds - andrewbenson
Toggle No Clipping mode - charlesjacobi
Toggle 100% health - davidbrus
Toggle 100% health, have Bootspoon available,
10X Bootspoon power for current level [Note 1] - deanhyers
Toggle Computer Area Map for current level - digitalcafe
Change music; works in Super Slimey - idmus<11-15, 21-25, or 31-35>
Super Bootspork - joelkoenigs
Toggle Ultra Goggles - joshuastorms
Toggle coordinates and elevation display; works in Super Slimey - kimhyers
Level select [Note 2] - leesnyder<11-15, 21-25, or 31-35>
Toggle partially invisible from Flemoids for one minute [Note 3] - marybregi
All Zorchers, a Zorchpak, full Zorcher ammo, 200% armor - mikekoenigs
All zorchers, a Zorchpak, full Zorcher ammo, 200% armor, all six keys - scottholman
Cycle through more map views [Note 4] - sherrill

Note 1. The Bootspoon will be available, even if you have the Super Bootspork. Press 1 to toggle between them.
Note 2. You will lose all Zorchers except your Bootspoon and Mini-zorcher, all of your Zorch energy except your standard 50 Mini-zorcher Zorches, all of your armor and keys, and have 100% health.
Note 3. During this time their attack accuracy is diminished and their long-range attacks will frequently miss. When five seconds are remaining you will begin blinking.
Note 4. Press TAB to enter Map View mode before enabling this code. The first use will reveal all unexplored areas and walls, including some excluded in a Computer Area Map. The second use will also reveal the locations of all decorations, items, projectiles, other obstacles, and Flemoids, including those that have already been Zorched, which is where Flemoids will reappear in Super Slimey. These appear as green triangles. The third use will return to normal.

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