Chicago 1930 PC Cheats

Rating 3

Cheat Codes

Press F11 during game play, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes and pressing ENTER:

Players invisible to other characters - goldeneye
All players ammunition for all actions - fullhouse
Freeze or defrost all NPCs in level - freeze
Check current memory state - forget
Display framerate - fps
Money - ezb
Pathfinder graph - euler
Show 3D obstacles - einstein
Divine intervention against enemies - dies irae
Display company numbers - companies
Call players method - call
Stun all opponents - bud spencer
Display actor information - big brother
Display all NPC remarks - babylon
Display all NPCs - aware
Ok - assertfalse
Reinforcement arriving - alarm
Display AI information - ai
Invisibility - ghost
Show all characters - display
Ammunition - bingo
Win level - winner
Invincible players - immunity
See blood - blood
Spawn indicated weapon - weapon <weapon ID>
Unlimited slow motion time - matrix
Change color of one player - chroma
Optimize custom memory manager - optimize
Display script zones - cestlazone
Win the campaign - i am the winner
Load campaign values - campaign <filename>
Enable PC view cone - pcsight
Display light zones - light
Complete campaign state report - report
Display all seek points - seekanddestroy
Securization of all memory allocation - sarkozy
Knock out a player - lukas
Win current mission - win
Wake up selected sleeping NPC - wakeup
Unblip all actors - ubiquity
Display current status of all players - status pc
Sprite cache information - status shadow
Hardware information - status hardware
Current sprite caching system information - status framecache
Display shadow polygon sphere - sphere
Display free shadow polygon - shadow
All selected players go to paradise - san petrus
Alert all NPCs in the level - roter alarm
Display railroads - railroad
Show 3D-projection areas - projection
Stupid soldiers in close combat - pamela anderson
Kill all opponents in level - nuke
Display range of player's walk noise - noise
Show all motion obstacles and doors - motion
Knock out selected NPC - morpheus
Players nap - mister sandman
Lose current mission - loose
Display all text for current level - level text
Beam all but the selected player to Honolulu - last man standing
Beam the selected NPC to Honolulu - honolulu
All adversaries are invincible - highlander2
All players are invincible - highlander
Display help - help
Kill selected NPC - hades