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Chocolatier: Decadence By Design Cheats "Extra production cases" (PC)


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Extra production cases

When all five trays are filled with ingredients, the machine will use the ingredients and clear all the trays. This is useful because the game sends ingredients out of order, but always sends them in batches of five, which is the correct proportion to fill all five trays (until you miss or send one to the recycler). Once all the trays are filled and cleared, there is a slight delay before the game tallies the increase in your production total. Just before filling the last tray, miss a couple on purpose, then fire the final one to complete the set. The trays are used but before it tallies them, fire several rapid misses to make eight mis-fires to end production. Click "Try again." When you begin filling trays again, the completed set from the previous session begins to tally. This way, five extra production cases can be obtained.

2 years ago

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