Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer PC Cheats

Rating 3

Protection Passwords

Acceleration - In flight training
Ailerons - When you first select a maneuver
Airflow - Your first task in an unfamiliar
Airspeed - Achieving straight and level flight
Altimeter - Check your instrument panel
Angel of attack - In a straight climb
Attitute - The visual references for a climb
Aviation - This is a straight descent
Back pressure - The visual references for a descent
Bank - The plain in the attitude indicator
Center of gravity - The glareshield should be at an angle
Compass - To take off, the airplane must accelerate
Control surface - Begin by lining up the airplane
Drag - Plan your approach to the airport
Elevator - On short final, about
Empennage - While on final approach
Final - The landing flare is a slow
Flaps - Your goal is to make the transition
Fuel starvation - The transition from climb to level
G-force - The transition from descent to level
Glareshield - If you start to lose altitude during the turn
Glideslope - A stall occurs because
Heading - The first indication of an approaching
Lateral axis lift - No sooner was the airplane invented
Longitudinal axis - Begin by increasing the power
Mach - Lincoln Beachey, an early daredevil
Pitch - As the inverted horizon comes
Propeller - Begin the slow roll by increasing power
Roll - The Immelman was invented by Max Immelman
Rudder - The heading of the airplane should be
Runway - Execute a roll, stopping in the inverted position
Service ceiling - Increase power to 100% and reduce the pitch
Skid - This is the same introduction flight
Slip - Increase power to 100% while maintaining
Spin - Begin the roll by increasing the power
Stall - Increase power 100% and attain full speed
Throttle - Roll the airplane in the same manner
Track - AFT flashes an on-screen message confirming
Vertical axis - Your success as a race pilot depends
Vertical stabilizer - It isn't by accident that the most
Yaw - In formation flying, you test your flying precision