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Bechuzzled mini-game

Bechuzzled is the same format as Chuzzle, but the Chuzzles have instead been replaced by jewels. In order to enter the code you must first have the following trophies unlocked. At the Chuzzle main menu, go to the trophy room and select the following five trophies in order by clicking each one once to pop it up, then click it again to minimize it. The trophies in order are as follows: Triple Combo, Brainiac, Puzzler, Ten Grand, and Seven at Once. Each correct entry will be denoted by a star in the upper left-hand corner.

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Unlockable Trophies

Unlock the following trophies by performing the corresponding tasks:

Big Boy - Spar all Fat Chuzzles in a game.
Brainiac - Play an entire game without using hints.
Chuzz 10! - Reach level 10 in Classic or Speed Chuzzle.
Chuzzbomber! - Pop 1,000 Super Chuzzles.
Chuzzle Bingo! - Pop across the entire board with one color.
Eight at Once! - Pop eight or more Chuzzles as one group.
Fat Blaster - Pop 1,000 Fat Chuzzles.
Flawless! - Play an entire game without a bad move.
Hundred Grand! - Pop 100,000 Chuzzles.
Lockmaster! - Remove three or more locks in one sweep.
Mentalist Master - Reach level 20 in Mind Bender.
Mentalist Supremo - Solve all Mind Bender Puzzles.
Million Chuzzle Man! - Pop 1,000,000 Chuzzles.
Psychic - Solve all puzzles through level 10 in Mind Bender.
Puzzler - Reach level 10 in Mind Bender.
Quad Boomer - Explode four Super Chuzzles at once.
Quad Combo! - Make a quadruple combo.
Reactor! - Cause a seven-step cascade.
Seven at Once! - Pop seven Chuzzles as one group.
Speed Demon! - Complete Speed level 5 without getting a lock.
Speed Freak! - Complete two Speed levels without getting a lock.
Speed Master! - Complete two speed levels without getting a warning.
Ten Grand! - Pop 10,000 Chuzzles.
Triple Boomer - Explode three Super Chuzzles at once.
Triple Combo! - Make a triple combo.
Trophy Collector! - Earn all other trophies.

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