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City Of Heroes Cheats "Easy experience hints" (PC)


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Easy experience hints

-Note: Invisibility is required. Go into any mission with Clickable Objective Items (trash cans, crates, etc.) that give you experience. Turn on invisibility and get all of the clickable items. As long as the mission does not end by clicking the items, you can go outside, restart the mission, and do it all over again until you haveacquired as much experience as desired. As long as you do not train the level after leveling, if you want to take the time to gain a few levels by doing this, the times will always give the same amount of experience as long as you remain at the same level.

-Play a radio or newspaper mission against a type of enemy that you can easily kill. Note: Freakshow is recommended because you can occasionally get double kills. Make sure the mission is a kidnap or rescue mission. Kill everything in the mission. Escort the civilian to the door. Turn on your Travel power and exit the mission to reset it. The civilian cannot keep up, and you can exit without finishing the mission. Reset the mission and repeat it.

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