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City Of Villains Cheats "Unlockable Gladiator Badges" (PC)


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Unlockable Gladiator Badges

Unlock the following Gladiator badges for the Arena by performing the corresponding tasks:

Arachnobot - Awarded with the Agent of Discord badge.
Button Man Gunner - Reach level 20.
Cobra - Collect the Snake Charmer badge in Mercy Island.
Fire Thorn Caster - Reach level 30.
Juicer Sniper - Collect the Watcher On The Knoll badge in Nerva Archepelago.
Longbow Nullifier - Win one match in the Arena.
Longbow Rifleman - Collect the Locked And Loaded badge in Nerva Archepelago.
Longbow Warden 2 - Complete a player vs. player mission helping your side, and another hindering your enemies.
Mook - Collect the Washed Up exploration badge in Port Oakes.
Mook Capo - Awarded with the Stone Cold badge.
Nebula Elite Buckshot - Reach level 10.
Night Haunt - Trap 50 ghosts in Fort Cerberus.
Red Hand - Trap 100 ghosts in Fort Cerberus
Wailer - Collect the Stone Keeper badge in St. Martial.

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