Civilization 3 PC Cheats

Rating 4

Getting small wonders and great wonders

Set the game to no rivals and any world size to be able to build small and great wonders in your city without the enemy stealing them.

Rating 3

Upgrading your city past 6

An Adaquit upgrade isn't necessary; you just need your settler to set up a city on a river and your population will grow past 6 without the upgrade.

Rating 3

Finding resources easier

Begin a new game without another rival. Set the world size to the smallest value, then set the button up on no barbarians or sedentary. You can then explore the world without interruption to find resources easier.

Rating 3

Free units and city improvements

While in the map editor, after you're done  placing everything desired, activate the customize rules menu in the scenario bar. Then in the rules bar, select "Edit Rules". Then, click on the "Government tab" and click "All Units Free" at the bottom left of the window. This makes it so that all units cost nothing to maintain. After that, unselect the "Requires Maintenance" box and all city improvements are now free to maintain. You can now spend money on other things, and it works on all the governments. It turns any government into the fundamentalism government of Civilization 2.

Rating 2

Easy gold hints

-Offer a trade to another civilization (a technology or resource they do not have) for an incredible amount of money. For example, coal for 2 followed by as many zeros as can fit. Do this once per turn.

-You must be at war with two people to do this trick. When you can propose peace to either opponent, refuse twice to the peace treaty. Then ask, "We would like to propose a deal,". Ask for everything they have including lump sum, then ask for 9,999,999 gold per turn. You will own the cities and the maps to their civilization and the items you asked for. You will not get their fortified units in their cities, and the capitol city. Also, you will lose all of your money at the end of the turn, then regain it the next turn.

-When trading with the CPU, ask for 11111111 gold per turn. In exchange offer him anything (even 1 gold or your territory map). You can also ask for technologies and gold when offering the same lump sum of 1 gold. With the money you get, you can buy buildings (when your civilization is republic or democracy) or even all the CPU's cities. After the twenty turns your money disappears, but you can always ask for more.

-After playing for some time and you have met other civilizations, start communication with them and ask for 1 gold for 20 turns) and give them 18 gold (lump sum). When the other civilizations will get richer, ask for more money (for example, 10 gold per turn and you will give them 180 gold or more in a lump sum). You will get more money each turn and you can give more money to research.

-Choose  diplomacy with a neighbor and offer them a resource that they do not have. Ask them for 200,000 gold per turn and they will accept. You can ask them for other things (cities, techs, resources), but try leaving a couple cities with them so they can pay you so many gold each turn. A few turns later you will have millions of gold. Command one of your units to pillage the road on the resource you are giving to them so that the trade will be canceled. They will not give any gold per turn, but you can safely keep the other gold.

Rating 2

Prevent city capture

Get a worker to fortify himself in a city or town that you do not want to be captured in a war. Have it be fortified, and it has to be a worker. When an enemy attacks the city, it will do so, but will hurt itself. Note: The enemy will probably retreat in battle. Note: If you have a unit that can attack others instead of a worker, the opponent will die but your person will usually be only slightly damaged. Note: Catapults, ships, airplane, etc. that attack with a bombardment will not be affected.

Rating 2

Confining your enemy

The following hint is useful against other people that are attempting to build anything. Enable the multi code and right click on any of their cities to display the menu. Go to "Change production". Note: You are also able to change the name of their city. This trick is especially useful if you want your opponent to lose some shields, and if they are building a Great Wonder.

Rating 2

Faster units

Find out how to learn steam power. You need the resource iron in your city and all your other cities. You can then build railroad tracks which do not take any movement points.

Rating 2

Efficient trading hints

-When another tribe asks to trade something with them, they will often try cheating you. Instead of accepting right away, propose a counter offer. Once the counter offer screen appears, click the items they are offering so that the "What will you give me for this?" option appears, then click it. They will now offer a list of things that often were not listed in the initial trade.

-If you are at war with another nation, to trade for everything they have, type in as many 9s as you can in the money received per turn. They will offer to trade anything they have for one of your territory maps (or anything else.)

Rating 2

Make changes to any civilization

Go to the scenario menu and click "Customize Rules". After that, go to the rules bar and choose "Edit Rules". Click the "Civilization" tab and make any changes desired. You can make it so that your enemies may not build wonders or build naval units, and you can also change the names of cities and leaders.

Rating 1

Edit mode

Open the "civ3mod" file. This will open the game's editor, but you will be able to edit units, their stances, technologies, civilizations unique powers, rare resources' show up , time of usage, effects on tiles, and much more.

Rating 1

Trap opponents in cities

Tough people that can fight to fortify around an enemy city. Enemies cannot get in or out without attacking you.

Rating 1

Founding your first city

When first starting a game, build the first city exactly where your Settler stands. Even moving one space will put you behind your opponents. If you are on a very bad space, such as tundra or desert, just restart the game.

Rating 1

Effective workforce

When starting the game, do not start technologies such as warrior code, etc. Instead, build your first city then build four scouts (or three if you already have one). Let them explore. In the meantime, try to get to monarchy. The scouts will get you most of the technologies for free. When you reach the Industrial Age, go for replaceable parts first. This increases your worker efficiency to build rails and all other tasks.

Rating 1

Little corruption and war weariness

-Note: This only works with the map editor. You can reduce "Corruption" to minimal from the "Government" tab of the edit rules window by setting"War Weariness" to none for the democracy government.

-Make any government immune to propaganda and other spy techniques to reduce corruption.

-Note: This only works with the map editor. From the "Government" tab of the edit rules window, change the "Immune to" box to whatever desired. Note: This will only prevent one type of spy move, not all.

Rating 1

Improving units

At the Industry Age you can build powerful units such as tanks, destroyers, battleships, and infantry. Do not keep the Ancient or Middle Age units. A warrior costs as much as a tank (one gold per turn). Each time you build a tank, disband a warrior, swordman, immortal, etc. Every time you build a battleship, disband a frigate or ironclad to save gold.

Rating 1

Build wonders faster

Usually the game does not allow you to speed up the building of Wonders through methods such as paying citizens and forcing labor. It is possible to get around this by first choosing a building option (preferably one with a high production cost), speeding up that project using a hurry method, then switching to the Wonder of your choice. Notice that the production shields brought from before the switching are still in place.

Rating 0

Unlimited gold

Note: This only works in versions earlier than v1.16f. Also, this procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "script.slc" file in the "\ctp_data\default\gamedata" folder. Add the following lines to the file.

trigger 'DOR_T_Give_Gold' when (IsHumanPlayer(g.player) &&

Rating 0

Invading other countries

Build a city close to an enemy country that you think you can defeat. Have workers completely surround the city with fortresses then put two of your best defensive units (pikeman, spearman, musketman, etc.) in each fortress, and three in the city. After that, declare war. They will waste all their offense trying to take the city. Unless you are very behind in technology, they will not even be able to wound your troops due to the fortresses. While defending it, have every other city keep building you best offensive unit (for example, cavalry, tank, modern armor, etc.). Making about fifteen is recommended. After their offense is spent, you can invade their cities without having to worry about offensive units intercepting you.

Rating 0


-When your research has one turn remaining, go into the domestic adviser and start to lower research until the one turn turns into two turns. Then, set it back to one turn. In the middle to late states of the game you can lower the research bar by 30% to 60% and still be able to finnish the research in one turn while also getting a lot of money during that turn. This can be as much as 500 to 800 gold per turn in the middle to late stages of the game.

-When you first start a research, some seem to have a minimum requirement of turns, even if you could get them done faster. If you have the research set up very high, at the start of the program go into the domestic adviser and start lowering the research bar until your turn to complete changes. You have now found the optimum setting for research for that advance. Doing this gets the most out of research while giving you the most money back. However, if your expenses are running high, this will not help keep your account balance in the black by much.

Rating 0

Recommended governments

-First, learn all of the governments such as Monarchy, Republic, Despotism (available from the start), Communism, and Democracy. The best government to get first is Despotism, then Democracy. Your troops will be more effective, faster, and work harder.

-The best government is Monarchy since the worker efficiency is over 100%, 150%.

Rating 0

100,000 gold and PW

Start a new game and enter "Leemur" as a leader name for 100K gold and PW.

Rating 0

Reveal entire map and resources

-Save the game and include the word "multi" in the saved game name. Load the game you just saved. You now can now see the entire map and all resources. Note: This only works in versions earlier than v1.17f.

-You can also RIGHT CLICK opposing cities and change their production, contact governor,zoom to, rename,or  have that city never make a wonder. Note: This sometimes does not work.

Rating 0

Get leaders faster

Find a barbarian camp, then fortify your unit (not artillery, catapult, or anything that rolls on wheels) near the camp. The barbarians will come to your unit and start to defend their camp. If this works, your unit will be a leader faster.

Rating 0

Blocking your borders

Fortify people that can fight around your borders so that no one can get inside them.