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Civilization 3 Cheats "Research" (PC)


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-When your research has one turn remaining, go into the domestic adviser and start to lower research until the one turn turns into two turns. Then, set it back to one turn. In the middle to late states of the game you can lower the research bar by 30% to 60% and still be able to finnish the research in one turn while also getting a lot of money during that turn. This can be as much as 500 to 800 gold per turn in the middle to late stages of the game.

-When you first start a research, some seem to have a minimum requirement of turns, even if you could get them done faster. If you have the research set up very high, at the start of the program go into the domestic adviser and start lowering the research bar until your turn to complete changes. You have now found the optimum setting for research for that advance. Doing this gets the most out of research while giving you the most money back. However, if your expenses are running high, this will not help keep your account balance in the black by much.

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