Civilization 4 PC Cheats

Rating 4

City editor

Highlight a city, then press CTRL + ALT + Left Mouse Button.

Rating 1

Carrying out multiple tasks

You can order your great persons to carry out several tasks the same way you can order your workers by holding SHIFT. For example, you can order your great scientist to join the city as a specialist ten times, get some techs, and finally build an academy -- all that with only one scientist.

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Cheat Codes

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup before proceeding is recommended. Using a text editor, edit the "civ4config" file in the game folder. Change the "CheatCode = 0" line to "CheatCode = chipotle". Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat:

Display all console window codes - help
Stop music - Sound.noMusic
Reload audio scripts - Sound.reload
Stop Soundscape from playing - Sound.stopSoundScape
Play sound - AS2D, AS3D, ASSS - Sound.play string
Finds entities with black emissivity - Graphics.FindBlackPlotsAndCities
Hide attachables - Graphics.HideAttachables
Force light update on all entities - Graphics.ForceLightingUpdate
Rebuild terrain and lighting - Graphics.ReBuildTerrain
Set Hill scale - Graphics.SetHillScale
Set Peak scale - Graphics.SetPeakScale
Set water plane height - Graphics.setWaterHeight
Set render depth for quad tree - Graphics.quadTreeDepth
Toggle water - Graphics.toggleWater
Display terrain - Graphics.displayTerrain bool bOn
Toggle grids - Graphics.toggleGridMode
Dump texture palette - Graphics.showTexturePalette
Set texturing - Graphics.setTextureMode bool bOn
Set wireframe - Graphics.setWireframe bool bOn
Morph the globeview count times. - Profile.morphGlobe
Rebuild city indicated number of times - Profile.rebuildCity , ,
Rebuild plot indicated number of times - Profile.rebuildPlot , ,
Dump animation information to debugging window - Profile.dumpAnimLog
Set minimum time to capture spikes; set to 0 to disable spikelock - Profile.setSpikeThreshold
Dump console command history - Console.History
Writes HTML documentation for the current console commands - Console.CreateDocumentation
Clear the console - Console.Clear
Display current logging status - Log.status
Toggle logging - Log.toggle
Clear the log file - Log.clear
Erase units and cities from map - Map.empty
Fill map with units and cities for performance testing - Map.fill
Replot Goodies - Map.generateGoodies
Replot Bonuses - Map.generateBonuses
Replot Features - Map.generateFeatures
Replot Rivers - Map.generateRivers
Erase Rivers, Features, Bonuses and Goodies - Map.eraseGameElements
Replace Rivers, Features, Bonuses and Goodie - Map.replaceGameElements
Change the active landscape info - Map.setActiveLandscapeID
Erase all plots - Map.erasePlots
Reload Game Text xml files - Xml.reloadGameText
Reload Civ4TerrainSettings.xml - Xml.reloadLandscapeInfo
Reload Civ4ArtDefines.xml - Xml.reloadArtDefines
Toggle output of texture loads/accesses to debug output - Game.toggleTextureAccessInfo
Force AI to play for indicated number of turns - Game.AIPlay
Create sequences associated with the selected unit - Game.createSelectedUnitKFs
Free sequences associated with the selected unit - Game.freeSelectedUnitKFs
Save WorldBuilder save description file - Game.saveWorldBuilderSave
Toggle Animation Test Tool - Game.toggleAnimationTest
Show GFC directory chooser - Game.gfcDirChooser
Show GFC file dlg window - Game.gfcfiledlg
Show GFC test popup - Game.testGFC
Show test popup - Game.testFont bool bEnable
Show the Python test popup - Game.testPythonPopup
Show test popup - Game.testPopup
Scroll to the bottom - Game.scrollBottom
Scroll to the top - Game.scrollTop
Clear the listbox below - Game.clear
Display the help popup - Game.helpScreen
Toggle debug mode - Game.toggleDebugMode
Debugging - Game.showWBPalette bool bCreate
Compute md5 checksum for the directory tree specified - App.calcFolderChechsum
Set debugging value - App.setMooseDbg2
Set debugging value - App.setMooseDbg1
TGA full screen shot in .ScreenShot directory; requires "AllowScreenShots=1" in ini. - App.takeFullScreenShot
TGA screen shot in .ScreenShot directory; requires "AllowScreenShots=1" in ini. - App.takeScreenShot
Set maximum frame rate; 0 to disable - App.setMaxFrameRate
Update existing value in the ini file - App.setIniFile , ,
Crash game - App.crash
Return the application link time - App.getBuildTime
Test player unit iteration - Player.testUnitIter
Change players gold; 0 is active player - Player.changeGold ,
Set players gold; 0 is active player - Player.setGold ,

Rating 0

Debug mode commands

Use the following commands after enabling the Game.toggleDebugMode code:

World editor - CTRL + W
Decrease highlighted unit's strength by 0.2 - SHIFT + [
Increase highlighted unit's strength by 0.2 - SHIFT + ]
Increase gold by 1000 - CTRL + 4
Display debug menu - CTRL + D
Insert unit/city - CTRL + SHIFT + Left Mouse Button
Increase highlighted city's population by 1 - SHIFT + (+)
Increase highlighted city's culture by 10 - CTRL + (+)
Instant production completion for highlighted city - (+)
Level up highlighted unit - CTRL + (+)