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Steam achievements

Annkor - All Qdots in Flare.
Beatall's Gasmask - All Qdots in Floating Point.
Beatall's Yearbook Pic - All Qdots in Fusion.
Blue Clone Taunt - Solve 4 puzzles.
Clone Logo Art - All Qdots in any 100 puzzles.
Clonebones Flag - Solve 100 puzzles.
CloneMaster - Obtain all 10 medallion fragments.
CloneMaster II - Beat all CloneMaster battles on 'Medium'.
CloneMaster III - Beat all CloneMaster battles on 'Hard'.
CloneMaster Patch - All Qdots in any 150 puzzles.
Confused Clone - All Qdots in any 20 puzzles.
Crown - Solve 150 puzzles.
Dragsicle - All Qdots in Dragsicle Tower.
Dragsicle Ice Cube - All Qdots in Frostea.
DrillDude Bonus Level 1 - 2 clonemaster medallion fragments.
DrillDude Bonus Level 2 - All Qdots in Geode Hill.
DrillDude's Helmet - All Qdots in The Incredible Gulp.
DrillDude's Helmet - All Qdots in Done Drillin'.
Far Out - Beat wattson's clonemaster battle.
Give It A Chance - All Qdots in Clone Together.
Gofo Bonus Level 1 - All Qdots in any 35 puzzles.
Gofo Bonus Level 2 - All Qdots in any 40 puzzles.
Gofo Bonus Level 3 - 3 clonemaster medallion fragments.
Gofo's Parka - All Qdots in Frozen Clone Zone.
Gofo's Snowman - All Qdots in One Crazy Gofo.
Gofo's Touque - All Qdots in Ice Hotel Battle.
Green Clone Taunt - Solve 7 puzzles.
Grey Clone Taunt - Completed 10 levels.
Heart - All Qdots in any 15 puzzles.
Hubble Buoy's Boots - All Qdots in Starlight.
ICO President - 5 clonemaster medallion fragments.
Level Designer - Create one new level.
Lolz Clone - All Qdots in any 10 puzzles.
Max Multi - Participate in a 8-group multiplayer match..
Multidominate - Win a multiplayer match with 3 or more groups.
Octopal's Bowtie - All Qdots in Lies beneath the ocean waves.
Octopal's Bowtie - All Qdots in Octopal Battle.
Orange Clone Taunt - Solve 15 puzzles.
Perfect Match - Win a multiplayer match without losing any clones..
Pout Clone - All Qdots in any 5 puzzles.
Purple Clone Taunt - Solve 20 puzzles.
Pwnage Clone - All Qdots in any 30 puzzles.
Red Clone Taunt - Solve 25 puzzles.
Roast Ed' Sunglasses - All Qdots in Quicksand.
Roast Ed's Party Hair - All Qdots in Twilight.
Roast Ed's Shades - All Qdots in Sand Castles.
RoboBrain Bonus Level - 4 clonemaster medallion fragments.
RoboBrain's Stache-mask - All Qdots in Robo Battle.
Robostache - All Qdots in Nova Style.
Snoog Bonus Level - All Qdots in The Hollow.
Snoog's Antler Bowtie - All Qdots in Share the Land.
Snoog's Old claws - All Qdots in Conflagration.
Snoog's Shell - All Qdots in Rattlin' Roots.
Speedrun - Obtain beatall's fragment in under 90 mins.
Stop - All Qdots in any 50 puzzles.
Surprised Clone - All Qdots in any 3 puzzles.
Trillip Bonus Level 1 - All Qdots in any 55 puzzles.
Trillip Bonus Level 2 - All Qdots in Lure.
Trillip's Mask - All Qdots in Project Orion.
Trillip's Personas - All Qdots in Trillip Battle.
Wattson's Guitar - All Qdots in Wattson.
Wattson's Shirt - All Qdots in Wattson.
White Clone Taunt - Solve 30 puzzles.
Yellow Clone Taunt - Solve 35 puzzles.

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