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Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far PC Cheats

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Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Start the game as the Nazis in Campaign mode. When you are in the debriefing room, look at the requisition points for the current operation (the mission surrounded by a yellow box). Remember the amount of requisition points. Select "Cancel" and return to main menu. Select another campaign, then press ALT + ESC to return to the Windows Desktop. Using a text editor, edit the most recent saved game file in the game directory.

-To alter the amount of requisition points, search for the string "//Req points for operation". You will see many values, look for the number that was noted earlier. Change it to at least 1500 or more. Note: Do not delete the space between that number and the "//".

-For better weapons and units, go up several lines from the "//Req points for operation" value to find the req units allocated, type, max, and requested. Change the type to "73" to get the most powerful Nazi tank, the "Konigstiger". Change the type to "19" to get a Panzer tank. Change the value to "8" for a Mark IV tank. You can set the max amount to at least 40. Note: The max amount is the second number after the unit code on the same line. Do not to change the requested unit number to avoid a game error.

Press ALT + TAB to return to the game, and select "Campaign". Double click to select your game, then start it with the new changes.

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