Cobra 11: Crash Time PC Cheats

Rating 3

File mode

To unlock File mode, complete a case on Normal or higher. In File mode, you can replay a previously completed mission on a case.

Rating 3

Sports and race car

To unlock the sports car and race car, complete a case.

Rating 2

Code 9807 case

To unlock the Code 9807 case, complete all cases on Hard.

Rating 1

All tracks

To unlock all tracks, complete all cases and Code 9807 on Hard.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

All cars - fullgarage
All tracks - wantstreets
Repair car; will repair all cars in split-screen mode - adac
Indestructible car - useshell
Double weapon range, faster and automatic firing - eatlead
Unlimited nitrous - needspeed
Exploding traffic - goaway
Disable automatic roll back onto track - wannago
Unlimited wins in Patrol and single race
modes (not split-screen) for ten seconds. - johnwayne

Rating 0

Race with a truck

Choose split screen mode and enter Cheater as a name for player one and "High End" as a name for player two. Press ENTER then continue to press ENTER at the remaining prompts. Then, press ESC and go to single race mode. Select a car and you will will race a truck.