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Code Of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island PC Cheats

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Weapon Names

Spawn the following weapons by entering the corresponding codes with the gimmegun code:

Pamas-G1 - _Pistol_Beretta_92Fs
Famas rifle - _Rifle_Famas
Famas rifle with sniper mod - _Rifle_Famas_Sniper
Fists - _Rifle_Famas_tutorial
H&K G11 - _Rifle_HK_G11
FN Fal - _Rifle_FN_FAL
Mossberg 500 shotgun - _Shotgun_Mossberg_500
H&K MP5SD sub-machine gun - _SMG_HK_MP5SD
PP-19 Bizon sub-machine gun - _SMG_PP-19_Bizon
ERYX1 - _Luncher_Eryx
M2 Browning with unlimited ammo1 - _Static_M2_Browning 1. To get this weapon, first press B (default) to drop all your guns. Note: The Famas gun cannot be dropped and should be the only gun remaining. Enable the gimmegun _Rifle_Famas_tutorial code to drop the Famas. Then, enable the code to spawn the ERYX or M2 Browning.

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Cheat Codes

Press TALK (default is T) during game play. Then, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Toggle God mode - god
Full ammunition - ammo
All weapons and ammo - kfa
All weapons - guns
Unlimited ammunition - tears
Ghost mode - poltergeist
Level skip - maphole
Full health - health
Spawn weapon - gimmegun <name>

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