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Colin McRae Rally PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding names:

All tracks - FREEWAY
Bonus cars - LOTTOWIN
Concept car - HIPPO
Custom replay - SPECIALED
Double power - BIGGUNS
Fog mode - WHITEOUT
Four wheel steering - ALLWHEELS
Green jelly car - ALIENGOO
Hover mode - DELOREAN
Low gravity - GIANTLEAP
Micro Machines mode - BORROWERS
Mirror tracks - ONTHEWALL
Nicky Grist has high pitched voice - CHOIRBOY
View credits during demo - XCREDITSX
Night tracks - DARKSIDE
Rear wheel steering - TURNBACK
Reversed tracks - BACKAGAIN
Secret track - INTHECLOUDS
Secret track - QUARRYVILLE
Secret track - TROLLEYPARK
Secret track - WILDAYWORLD
Tap keys to accelerate - PRESSFAST
Toyota Celica GT4 - BEEFCAKE
Turbo boost - ROCKETMAN
Nicky Grist drives [Note 1] - PASSEDOUT

Note 1: Enable the code, then switch to the interior view to see Nicky Grist driving.

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