Combat Task Force 121 PC Cheats

Rating 4

Oil Rig: Sniping location

Move yourself until you are under the large tower in front of the fence, then walk at the fence and jump at it at the same time. You will eventually fall through and be on the tower that stretches out for about 50 feet. This is a good place to snipe or for experts 203 shooters.

Rating 3

Cheat Codes

Press ~ during game play to display the console window, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:. Note: Press UP to scroll back through previously entered console codes:

Freeze current screen for indicated amount of time - freezeframe
Teleport to targeting reticule - teleport
Scale player size; "2" is default - changesize
Breathe underwater for 999999 seconds - amphibious
Flight mode - fly
Disable flight and no clipping modes - walk
No clipping mode - ghost
Maximum ammunition for all weapons - allammo
Unlimited ammunition clips for all guns - infiniteammo
Toggle God mode - god
Return to life when killed - reincarnate
Set gravity value - setgravity
Set game speed - setspeed
All weapons will maximum ammunition - loaded
All weapons - allweapons

Rating 2


During an online multi-player mode with players, go to the spawn points. Face out towards the battlefield then turn left. Move towards the large rocks. One of them should have a flat face. Walk directly into it and you will fall below the map. You will have a clear view of everything. If you cannot find it, you are at the wrong base.

Rating 1

Level select

To unlock the option of selecting levels, complete the game in campaign mode under the easy difficulty setting.