Comix Zone PC Cheats

Rating 2

Hidden panels

-In "Welcome To The Temple: Part 1", at the area with three rocks stacked upon eachother, follow the left route and go down. Destroy the crawler and hit the wall to uncover the hidden panel.

-In "Curse Of The Dead Ships - Part 1", proceed after going past the panel with mines. Release Roadkill at the bottom of the cave and he will find a secret passage.

Rating 1

Level 3 Boss strategy

Lure him down to the area with the rocket, then press the lever on the right-hand side to take him out. Repeat this three times.

Rating 0

Killing enemies tip

When there is an enemy and some kind of a destroying object, get on the opposite side of the enemy and roll towards the object. They cannot harm you while you are rolling.

Rating 0

Hidden moves

Perform the following moves by pressing the corresponding button sequences:

Shoulder Ram - Press AWAY, TOWARDS + ACTION
Thrusting Kick - Press DOWN, UP + ACTION.

Rating 0

Sketch dance

To make a sketch dance hold LEFT + RIGHT.

Rating 0


After performing the following moves, do the corresponding move to perform a combo:

After 3 punching moves, perform a Scissor kick
After 3 high roundhouses, perform a Distance air kick
After 3 knee kicks, perform a Hand plant kick

Rating 0

Multiple enemies

When facing two enemies on the screen, move away from one of them if they throw fire balls. If there is a bar on top, jump up and grab it, then press UP. They will kill each other, and each takes 15 hits before they are killed.

Rating 0

Sketch fart

To make a sketch fart, defeat all enemies in a room and then repeatedly tap DOWN.